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Which Is Melting Faster: America's Position in Middle East or MSM's Position in America?

rreid Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 2:11 PM
After Obama loses this election i predict that ABC, NBC, and CBS will merge and rename themselves Plavda or Travda so that their political adgenda can become more focused.
renny4 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 3:57 PM
If the big zero loses, we will spend years being called racists and everything Romney does wil be attacted the way Bush was until the big lie becomes the truth again. But I hope we will be better prepared for their lies in the next admin.

If an American consulate had been attacked and four Americans including the ambassador slaughtered on George W. Bush's watch --on 9/11, no less-- the outrage broadcast over the nation's elite media would have been intense and round-the-clock.

Had George W. Bush then responded to those events by jetting to Vegas for a fundraiser and campaign rally marked by a rote and emotion-less nod towards the victims and a callous transition to the difficulty of campaign life for political volunteers, well, the hysteria that would have followed would have melted wires.

Because Barack Obama is the MSM's...