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Riddle Me This Obama: If Healthcare Costs are Our Problem, What Was Obamacare About?

rreid Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 8:56 AM
At 76 yrs of age I look back at how information was spread then and now! While I love the internet and having 100 channels to chose from on my HDTV, back in the day when info was via newspapers and radio everyone was aware of current affairs unless one lived in a cave. Today you can live your life in complete ignorance of world, national, and even local events, by choosing any of the many distractions provided for that very purpose. For that reason I think it is time for term limits so that politics has a chance to revert to civic duty instead of career!

This is a time when the population of America should be throwing rose petals at the feet of the Great Leader, Miracle Worker, Economist, Ph.D and Professor of Constitutional history, Dr. Barack H. Obama, MD.

All of our problems should be solved now.

Two years ago we were told and sold that Obamacare, the keystone legislative effort of Obama’s first two years, would solve our problems when it comes to out-of-control government spending.

It’s a deficit reducer, Washington Post wonk Ezra Klein told us about the government takeout of healthcare under the banner of “reform.”