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Horse Hockey: The Left’s Rafalca Derangement Syndrome

rreid Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 8:27 AM
Since they own horses and lead a busy life that means they hire people to care for them. Trainers and groomers for instance if I recall from my preObama days those are called JOBS. But how could that be? Rich people don't create jobs. They just sit around drooling on their money.

Rafalca is the name of Ann Romney’s show horse, which competed in Olympic dressage this week. Rafalca Derangement Syndrome is the name of a debilitating partisan disease, which is raging among snotty “progressives” posing as populists.

On Thursday, the George Soros-funded henchmen of MoveOn promoted a new TV ad that “features a talking Rafalca Romney, who tells us Mitt would treat many Americans worse than a horse!”

Interspersed with scenes of a dressage competition, the talking Rafalca mimics a faux British accent and lashes out at the Romneys’ privately earned wealth:

“How do I pull...