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He's Mad as Hell and Not Going to Invest Anymore

rreid Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 3:35 PM
Which is more greedy? The rich person who wants to earn even more wealth or the less wealthy person who wants the money that has been earned by someone elses labor taken from that person and given to them for no other reason than it would make the recipient feel better? When the top 1% is forced to support (through taxation) the rest of us they then own us as sure as masters owned slaves or lairds owned serfs.
"Why this fat cat likes Obama's tax plan" was the headline of a full-page ad La Jolla, Calif., investor Norman Lizt took out in The New York Times in August.

No, it wasn't really an endorsement. Lizt wrote that he has been a successful investor over the years, but if Americans re-elected President Barack Obama and his proposed tax hike became law, Lizt would face a marginal tax rate of "well over 50 percent." He wrote, "This represents the crossing of an inviolate threshold to me and is entirely unacceptable."

Lizt explained that he liked Obama's tax plan because it would prompt him...