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Economics, Morality, And Roger Ebert’s Final Years

rreid Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 8:39 AM
When the present bunch that are at the helm of our country today coined the phrase "don't trust anyone over the age of thirty", what they were really saying is that. like most youth, they thought they were smarter, wiser, and more intelligent than their elders. Previous generations out-grew this phase when they had to learn to support themselves and, often at an early age, a family. This portion of that generation never crossed that threshhold and hold no respect for their elders unless their name was Mao or Alinsky!

I never paid much attention to what Roger Ebert said about movies.

Given that I usually take-in only three or four films a year, Ebert’s analysis of any particular film or actor or “scene” just wasn’t going to be something that would capture my attention.

But the final seven years or so of Ebert’s life offer some seriously thoughtful and thought provoking lessons, for those who still care to learn. Whether you reside on the right or left side of the political and cultural aisle doesn’t much matter. Consider some of the facts of Ebert’s final years, and the implications...