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It seems to me that because people are so busy trying to make a living these days they wait til the last minute to even think about their vote. When they finally take the time to look they choose the candidate that is being touted by the media. On the Republican side this means the candidate that most closely represents their liberal slant.We end up with a Democrat light candidate instead of an opposition one. As long as we allow the media to select our candidates progressivism will flourish
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After He, Racism

rreid Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 6:24 PM
In the 50's and 60's blacks successfully campaigned for equal rights. To be as free and have the same liberties as their white counterparts. Once these rif=ghts were gained Democrats stepped in with "special" privileges. Why would they do that? Could it be that historicaly prejudiced Dems didn't think the blacks could, in fact, manage their own affairs? What they did, in fact, was to offer bribes and favors before the blacks could become accustomed to really being one their own with no crutches! Enough blacks accepted These seeds of tares so that today we see a whole society of people who have turned this helping hand into a way of life!
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Memo To The Outgoing House GOP Conference

rreid Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 1:57 PM
If the Republicans don't shed themselves of the same ball and chain the the Dems are lugging around their success will be short lived!
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Opinions Versus Facts

rreid Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 1:50 PM
Our liar in chief has ushered in the era of 'lying is good and truth be damned'. Since those business owners didn't build their own businesses will they miraculously spring back to life all by themselves?
And the ideal temperature of the earth!
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5 Ways To Improve Meet The Press

rreid Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 2:43 PM
The media is in an age of micro management where the executives control content and sibject. It is easier to control one person than a group. Especially a group of diverse views The executive branch of our once balanced federal government has the same problem!
I first saw the govt. sponsored break-up of black families in 1959 when I was collecting insurance premiums from black families. The men started moving out of the home leaving their wives to collect "the ADC". The men spent the weekend with their families since the case workers didn't come around then. I saw this as a threat to the family structure that is the cement that holds civilization together and this is exactly the result! These government programs have eliminated the reason for families to form and survive as a unit. Volumes have been written on why this has affected the black community so disproportionately, and I sure don't know why but more and larger programs of this type are the last thing they need!
The parallels between Gruber and Al Gore are striking when you compare what is being said and how the average person is being looked at as a stooge while those speaking with forked tongue are raking in millions!
"The tuth will set you free!".......Or just the opposite for Democrats!
No. 2 is hard to do. They show up with all the documentation in order. Even if 95% sure they are illegal no way to prove it!
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