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I read that too but actually it was researchers who found a cure for AIDS.....who would want them killed? Drug companies?
Very logical comment....always ask WHO BENEFITS
I didn't say that dummy the Russian minister said obviously didn't watch the video. Watch it first before you stick your foot in your mouth again. Point is the U.S. has no business in's a European matter and the Ukraine is also being run by Nazis. We have black ops & mercenairies there I'll bet It's not our business. I don't give a flip about those countries and neither do your so why are you defending Obama?
The logical thing would be to let the Eastern Ukrainians take a vote and determine what they want like Crimea. We don't have any business getting involved.
Yep....I heard that too....and the conversation they presented as evidence sounded they didn't even know what plane it was so that doesn't hold water either.
Nope not Christie, Mitt or Jeb tried that the last 2 elections & lost remember?
What possible motive would Russia have for downing an airliner from Malaysia? That's what I can't figure out.
remember Malaysia just found Bush and Cheney guilty of war crimes....and THEN they lost 2 planes One has to question the sanity of them flying over Ukraine in the first place too.
yep we can send our gas over there and watch it SKYROCKET over here.....duh??? The Russians seem to think Obama is going to double cross them and do a nuclear first strike....see video above
What did we win? I don't think we gained one thing and spent a trillion dollars and lost soldiers. If you want to go across the ocean and fight for someone else's freedom be my guest. I think it's crazy.
To this day 99% of Americans believe that Assad used chemical weapons in this false flag attack and U.S. politicians continue to promote this lie.
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