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I remember a time when self determination of govt. was an American PRINCIPLE....I guess you forgot
No doubt he voted for the Songbird McCain and the other progressive liberal Romney. These Neocons love to talk about conservative but they don't even know what that means
Horribly ignorant of all the democratically elected leaders we have helped overthrow.....S.America, Iran (Mossedech), Libya, and now Ukraine and Syria....EVER HEAR OF THE CIA? what do you think the CIA does?
Dr. Paul stand by the constitution....He is complaining ABOUT Obama's interventionism Duh???
Dubya did it before Obama....he called it a g-d piece of paper
For those of you who spurn Dr. Paul and the constitution interventionism makes perfect spite of the fact it's been a horrible FAILURE every single country we did it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran ....Name me one time it worked well_______
Yes it is our doing....George Soros pumped money into through his NGO to destabilize the Ukrainian president and start a coup. Read Veterans need to know all the facts before you decide
Neocon wet dream Jeb will lose too. HA HA HA
we made darn sure yours didn't get in either didn't we RINO?
and how did that colony thing work out for Britain otherwise?... EMPIRES DON'T LAST
the rest of the CITY OF THE DEAD article on this link
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