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Yep North is about as trusted as John McCain or Rove.....why do they pick these losers at FOX?
I wouldn't trust Oliver North either as far as I could throw him. Neocon baloney no matter how thin you slice it. If you read between the lines it's not about ISIS, it's about ousting Assad and North is on board with that too.
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Legislation Introduced to Eliminate ATF

rreichel Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 4:20 PM
I was ready to can them after Fast & Furious....and Holder too Next let's get rid of DHS
If we keep destabilizing these countries there will be thousands more coming to the USA....cause & effect.
Glad you brought Bush al Qaeda in Iraq because Sadaam hated Qaeda came AFTER Bush got rid of Sadaam. Same thing in Libya....Gadaffi was fighting them and it was falsely portrayed that he was killing his own people....he was killing al Qaeda. Now look at what a hell hole that country is now when it was the most prosperous in Africa under Gadaffi.
DO NOT BOMB with Assad and we won't need boots on the ground. Russia's base is over there....what will the consequences be if we start bombing....besides it's not legal according to International Law Syria will become another Libya run by al Qaeda (ISIS is a branch of al Qaeda) This has been a proxy war and ISIS was trained by the CIA in Jordan reportedly.
2 journalist get beheaded and Americans lose their focus ? (maybe because those 2 videos looked fake....sawing away at the neck with no blood) ISIS didn't threaten us until we stepped in. I say let Israel, Jordan, Iran and the other surrounding countries handle this ....why should Americans always have to do the heavy lifting?
It's not our fight....the countries in the region are waiting for us to take action....if we don't they will have to do it If you agree go to this page and LIKE it.
Bottom line is if you support bombing Syria you support Obama
Here is some history I'll bet you didn't know....I knew some of it, but there were a few surprises too. It appears that there were no justified wars that didn't end with bad consequences....they just created different enemies. That's sure apparent in our middle east policy now isn't it? It is anti-American when you boil it all only benefits the defense industry....not the people who pay & bleed for it. Yes we have been manipulated....and true history is pretty damning....and always resulted in worse consequences. Boogeyman ISIS is just one in a long line of bogeymen. You have to wonder how people that peddle these lies sleep at night. Maybe they are just ignorant....but that is a pitiful justification. The countries in the region (listed below) that have the most to lose should be fighting ISIS---not our fight. We would do well to completely withdraw from the region. ISIS would have little reason to attack us then....ever think about that? They would be way too busy fighting Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, & the Kurds. When will Americans get their fill of death and destruction and want Peace & Prosperity? See if you think you've been manipulated after reading this: ZERO AGGRESSION POLICY What should you say about the beheading videos? Do you have friends who insist we must "Do something!" about ISIS and the beheading videos? By Perry Willis, Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project If you agree go to this page and LIKE it.
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