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Doing the Research the New York Times Won't Do

rpm Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 2:55 PM
EXACTLY. The so-called "Civil War" was nothing of the sort. A civil war is two sides fighting over who gets to run the place. As you said, the South had NO such desires. It was a failed War for Independence. Usage of the term "Civil War" is actually fairly recent and illustrative of the dumbing down of our populace.

In Sunday's New York Times, Elisabeth Rosenthal claimed, as the title of her article put it, "More Guns = More Killing." She based this on evidence that would never be permitted in any other context at the Times: (1) anecdotal observations; and (2) bald assertions of an activist, blandly repeated with absolutely no independent fact-checking by the Times.

There is an academic, peer-reviewed, long-term study of the effect of various public policies on public, multiple shootings in all 50 states over a 20-year period performed by renowned economists at the University of Chicago and Yale, William Landes and John...