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What Does $28.00 Mean to You?

rpjkw11 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 9:32 PM
One of the dirtiest shaft jobs ever done to American taxpayers was the withholding of income taxes each pay day. Sorta like boiling a frog. Politicians, then and now, knew that a few dollars from each paycheck wouldn't be missed. So, without unduly alarming or pi$$ing off taxpayers, the slugs in government can raise taxes whenever they wish. I personally would like to see taxpayers required to pay their taxes IN FULL on April 15, with NO taxes withheld. Politicians would be far less willing to incur the wrath of their constituents.

Some had been waiting for more than an hour – sitting in a line of cars that stretched for blocks. Others had arrived hours early, just to be the first in line. Local radio and morning television teased their audience with hints and sparse details before finally making the announcement. After that, the location and details spread like wildfire via text, Twitter and Facebook. What was so important that hundreds would wait in line so long? A new lifesaving medicine? Free hundred dollar bills? A fabulous celebrity cruise? No, nothing quite that glamorous. Americans for Prosperity was offering gasoline at...