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Contrast: New Ad Weighs Romney, Obama Records

rpjkw11 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 2:47 PM
Luscious Lars, you are sooooo RIGHT! Great call and post. The Romney camp has no room to complain during and after the debates. They walked right into the well laid, and obvious, trap. Maybe libertards aren't the only stupid people in this country. You'd think the Republican Party would KNOW better by now. Geez, they get waylaid and screwed every four years like clockwork and NEVER learn. Haven't they ever heard the word "NO", or heard of Fox News? Guess not. Sheesh.

Campaign speak 101: When political consultants talk about a "contrast" ad, they're generally just employing euphemistic terminology for an attack ad.  This new spot from a pro-Romney SuperPAC, however, embraces the true meaning of the word 'contrast,' placing Mitt Romney's business and governing record side-by-side with President Obama's:

Restore Our Future is trying to get a head start on framing the presidential debates, the first of which takes place on October 3rd in Denver.  They're doing so out of necessity.  Early voting in some swing...