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This bill has hurt more then it has help the general public get home loans. The things they have put in place to educate the public is more confusing then it was before. It has effectively put small business out of business and made the ig banks larger. The lending industry is more cumbersome then it has ever been. It take away much of the free market that we had in the mortgage industry. It has removed compassion and has not made things any better in the area of fraud for the mortgage industry has it has calmed to be doing. As all government regulation do they hurt the small business and consolidate into large entity. Destroying free economy.
I wish it were true that socialism started with Obama. We have had socialism in the united states sense we have had income tax, Medicare, Social security, Government welfare, agriculture subsidies and many other programs.
TheWhat we the people need to do is take back the power we have. We need to hold the Federal Government tot he Constitution of the United States and we would not have this problem at all. Many of the things the Federal Government is trying to fix they do not have the right to be "fixing: anyway. They were not given that power by us. All powers of the Federal Government come from we that people and the individual states.
You are right it is the intent and full purpose of the United States Constitution and every founding father and the majority of the population at the time of the founding of the Country wanted a limited national government. Much more limited then we have right know.
The Bible says all over that religion is responsible for charity it is what religion is all about. If religion is not about charity what is it about?
If you will look at the United States Constitution there is no provision for the Government to provide charity. Helping the less fortunate is left up to the people not the government because the government is sloppy at helping other. We need to go back to the Constitution and leave helping people to the people and churches as was plained on from the start. When the Government helps the less fortunate we have Socialism.
I do not know about the rest of you but this is what i felt would happen form the first. Not just on Mortgage but on the rest of the economy. This so called recovery is just a temporary situation that will end with things getting lot worst then if they would have let the economy correct 4 years ago.
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