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Saving America From The “Make Somebody Else Pay” Mindset

rpexplorer Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 8:17 AM
Is this a circular argument? People voting to raise others' taxes instead of their own or the acceptance and validity of this opportunity being on the ballot. Presumably there were two separate motions, one for general sales tax and one to raise the top end of marginal rates and the results were certainly predictable. Obama made a point of the (past) fact of the nation comprising 2 pct of world population accounting for 25 pct of world consumption. What was not said was the other side where 2 pct accounted for 25 pct of world economy. Fairness to Obama is 2 pct population is equal to 2 pct of total economic activity.
“I don’t know what ‘moral grounds’ you think you’re standing on, but as far as I am concerned, what you’re saying is very immoral…”

I was an interview guest last month, and the radio talk show host was asking me about the looming fiscal cliff. In the midst of discussing how our government must cut spending, the host had noted the title of my latest book – “The Virtues Of Capitalism, A Moral Case For Free Markets” – and after a few minutes of discussion, asked “do you mind if we take a phone call, Austin?”

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