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Oil Consumption Analysis

rpexplorer Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 6:14 AM
More articles on financial analysis on this subject. I think conditions now exist to provide momentum so it will accelerate.and the new entry level job will be the care and feeding of a number of these entities similar to the automated checkout stations in retail sales. An excellent example of bad governance driving a positive solution.

I have posted many charts by reader Tim Wallace that highlight declining oil consumption in the US.

James Beck, Lead Analyst, Weekly Petroleum Supply Team for the Energy Information Administration has also chimed in on the subject.

For example, please see my September 16, 2012 article Email From Lead Analyst, Weekly Petroleum Supply Team on Possibility of Recession.

Some readers have suggested improved gasoline mileage in cars is the primary reason.

However, that explanation is faulty (as Wallace and I have...