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Newt vs. Newt

rpexplorer Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 7:38 AM
Newt said what he would do if elected but that does not change today's reality of state after state tumbling into the abyss of the replacement of God and God given to the state and the state has granted. The concept of God given could as well be expressed as rights we as individuals have decided are beyond the ability of the state to grant but instead, have willingly passed that right to the state in return for a perceived security which is only there for us until it isn't. We have become vulnerable because we chose to take the easy path down the rosy road to oblivion.

This time I should’ve been the one listening.

But listening can be tough sometimes when you’re an analyst and a commentator, and people around the country – listeners, readers, media, candidates, causes, businesses, etc. – come to you to find out why things are happening and what may happen next. Analysis and commentary is one of the few things in life I’m really good at. My car expertise begins and ends with changing a tire. Any toy that comes with the phrase “some assembly required” my kids immediately take to my wife. And when that much-anticipated Zombie apocalypse finally happens...