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Sanity coming to LaLa Land? This would be a trend the whole country could use.
The part that really torques me and should do the same for most citizens is their(Clinton & Obama) behavior while receiving the bodies. Their comments to the victim's families about "putting that video guy away" while knowing it was a terrorist attack . . . Disgraceful, the slime that leads our Country.
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The Devilish Game of ‘Equality’

rpexplorer Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 7:01 AM
Allow it to be placed and make certain that the contributer is identified in large pring together with a summary of what it means then do the same with the ten commandments.
For all the obvious reasons to anyone watching growth in government rules & rule making capacity, the answer is no. I think that in many areas of business the point where the business can navigate through all of the cross purposed rules has passed.
Interesting that warmers seem to ignore water vapor - a condition which contributes roughly 33 degrees F to Earth's temperature.
I assume that earth's population is so effective at producing these "greenhouse" gases and other heat absorbing processes that it has caused a rise in the temperature of the planet Mars. Or perhaps it is the introduction of Earth technology in the form of robotics which is warming Mars? Or perhaps there is this underground civilization inhabiting Mars with a population similar to the Earth and responsible for similar amounts of "greenhouse" gas being produced? I will believe there is man caused global warming when a plausible theory is introduced which explains the warming trend on Mars.
I wonder where all the kickbacks went to for a contract of 600 mill to create a website which doesn't work and may never actually what it was intended to do. I assume there will never be another serious comment on the 600 dollar toilet seat as that was a far better buy than what we have now.
Sort of like returning Churchill's bust to the English? You all elected this petty, vain, ans sociopathic individual so how about fixing it?
Several years ago I said that Vince Flynn had it right and every day since has served to reinforce that thought. You all know this is not going to end well and the longer it goes the worse it gets.
Obamacare pushed forward and absorbed 16 pct of the U.S. economy, student loans have been federalized, now k thru 12 being absorbed into the federal system. When will states be relegated to strictly honorary designations. Far down the path to autocracy with no real possibility of reversal as the "ship of state" has turned hard left.
I do like your "tit for tat" comment however that would be as illegal as obama's present action is and I especially don't think a Republican president would receive the same casual response to an illegal act that obama is receiving. Yes his approval rating is falling but I see much cover being applied by lame stream media to mitigate negatives. You must also admit that actual approval rating would/should be much lower if there was less ignorance in the electorate.
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