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Balanced Budget? Lower Taxes? Anyone Believe this Will Happen?

rpexplorer Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 8:44 AM
I don't see this as a showdown. The cuts are law and without modifications taking place prior to March 1st, will be implemented. The danger in the speaker's comment is his willingness to entertain equivalent cuts to replace those spelled out in law as it becomes someone's determination of the validity of that equivalence. This sequestor was Obama's plan and he owns it so just let it go through.

Government Executive reports House passes balanced budget bill.

The House on Wednesday passed legislation that directs President Obama to submit a balanced budget plan to Congress this spring.

Require a Plan Act (H.R. 444) compels Obama to submit a supplemental budget by April 1 if his fiscal 2014 budget blueprint does not include a plan to balance the government’s books. That supplemental budget would outline a long-term deficit reduction strategy and timeline for...