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Just like Obama. A good communist can change their story on a daily basis with a straight face.
This just makes it painfully obvious how petty and pathetic the little man occupying White House is.
This is the best news I've heard all day.
Isn't this the same tramp that made a video dry humping a dog? Oh yeah. She's "funny" alright.
I love this guy. It's time we, as Americans, got back to the basics of being an American. Work hard every day, give it everything you have, be happy with what you are blessed with and take pride in your family. People will be surprised how satisfying and peaceful life becomes.
Does it hurt your neck to hold up that ego?
As much as I admire Nancy Reagan, you could not pay me to watch Hanoi Jane in the role.
That's the liberal left mantra. Teach the kids from an early age that: Anything that vaguely resembles a gun = criminal behavior.
Add one more corrupt action to Holder's list. He has asked the federal court in San Antonio to hold Texas to the terms of the section of the Voting Rights Act that the SCOTUS just threw out. So now Holder believes he is above the SCOTUS. Didn't Morsi try that in Egypt?
No. That was Hank Johnson from Georgia, but I put them in the same category.
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