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Occupy Blood in the Streets, the Town of Tampa

ROYSTOLL2 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 2:47 PM
Wouldn't it be more appropriate if they just dressed like prostitutes? It is obvious that they would sell their souls for any crackpot liberal cause, valid or not. Barack Obama and The Democrat National Committee as well as the SEIU are behind the Occupy movement as they got caught in Chicago paying their rent.

On August 27, organizations such as Code Pink, Students for a Democratic Society, various labor unions and Occupy movements are converging on Tampa, Florida for what they’re calling the “March on the RNC”. 

This will mark the third convention in a row where protestors have promised to disrupt the GOP.   

Following is part of their press release:

“In Congress and in states across the country, the Republicans and their Tea Party allies have unleashed a war on the people of this country. While the Republicans bailed out Wall Street, many of us lost our homes. While they push tax...

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