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Mr. Obama has failed in every action that he has attempted during his presidency. You cannot name one successful thing that he has done. As to Obamacare, this is the best example. To cover pre-existing conditions, you would need a heavily regulated risk pool probably supported by the government. The other thing that was supposedly earth-shaking was that children would be covered under their parent's policy until age 26. This was already law or policy in that a parent's children were covered under their parents plan until age 24 anyway, as long as they were in school. I am sure that anybody could go to an insurance company and pay to insure a child longer. Covering the child to 26 is not free and it is not a benefit like Obamacare brags it is. I and we, have always desired that a cap be put on profit, administrative income versus actual money's spent on actual care. This is a great idea. Selling insurance across state lines to reduce costs could be addressed with a law and agreement of state insurance commissioners. The point is that all of these changes could have been addressed by so very carefull laws and policies without totally detroying the whole insurance industry the way they did. When they say that Obamacare will save money, this is the biggest falsehood of all. The private health insurance industry was very competitive and rate increases were tightly controlled. So now with the government handling it, you think it will lower prices? What a crock! That is physically and financially impossible. Obamacare has added tens of thousands of high paid union (required) workers to mostly bureaucratic functions, and has prescribed useless requirements mandating birth control drugs and methods including "free" taxpayer provided abortion for all, including women way past child-bearing age as well as for all males. It is depressing to think that some American people actually believed these things about Obamacare. If it actually had merit, both parties would have voted for it and they wouldn't have to used force to get it passed, including extortion and lies.
Charlie Rangel, is that still you? You obviously don't know a thing about the Tea Party Movement do you? We really represent the majority of the electorate if you can get past the lies that you and your Democrat "Talking Points", you know, the lies about the Tea Party that you and your propaganda ministry have put out. If even half of that was true, I would resign from it. We are not "Racist" as Obama says, and are just the opposite. I have never heard an unkind word, directed toward race, from any member. He called us terrorists, but since he has called Catholics and other religious groups and Christianity in general terrorists, we are in good company. He has called us angry "white" extremists. No race involved there is there. What I did note though is how can we be extremists if we represent the "status quo" and he is trying to tear down the government and morals of this country? We used to be the silent majority, but not any more. I honestly think that he is afraid of us. I can't seem to figure out why, can you?
The inmates have truly taken over the asylum. "During times of universal deceit-telling the truth-becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell. If you have not read "1984" by George Orwell, you really should because that is exactly what is happening right now. These progressives/liberals are trying to take over the country and they are the true "Extremists". Because the media has sold out to the Democrat Liberals there is no one to dispute it other than Fox News.
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Did Eric Holder Lie Under Oath?

ROYSTOLL2 Wrote: May 24, 2013 11:07 PM
Jesse Trentadue. If you really want to see how corrupt Eric Holder is, look back to the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal building. One, Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney tried to sell Timothy McVeigh bomb making materials several months before the actual bombing in a "sting". In his zeal to uncover the so called "third suspect" to blame in the bombing, U. S. Attorney Eric Holder caused the death of one Jesse Trenadue, who was beaten and tortured to death in Holder's custody, as alleged in the wrongful death suit filed by Jesse's parents. Holder's story was that it was a suicide, but the medical examiner stated otherwise. He was beaten and tortured to death by his jailers in their zeal to get a confession. It is a matter of public record if you want to google it. Holder was also involved in the David Koresh-Waco debacle. Look these things up and draw your own conclusions. IT IS BAD.
We in the Tea Party Movement, the REAL Tea Party Movement intend to nominate and elect Representatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to hopefully give us, the citizens of the United States, a fighting chance to accomplish these goals. The two political parties that we have have just lost focus and while the Democrat Party is in constant attack mode to end capitalism, the current Republican Party is playing a very poor defense. Neither party is in tune with their actual base. We in the Tea Party are facing undeserved criticism from the race mongers, the media who is defining our group by using liberal Democrat talking points. If half the nonsense they are putting out was true, I think I would quit. We need people to stand up with us.
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Sports Writer: The NRA is the New KKK

ROYSTOLL2 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 6:41 PM
As usual the Liberal Democrat Ignorati have to make up their own history to pin an event or issue on the Republicans or conservatives. The KKK was the militia arm of the Democrat Party, plain and simple. You or nobody else can change that. Number two, it is a fact that the bulk of all the violent crime in the United States is committed by black males 14 to 35 and if you do not believe it check the FBI statistics or turn on the evening news. Now to say that the NRA is giving "GUNS" to these black people and giving them drugs as Whitlock is alleging is a blatant lie. Investigate the amount of black violence against white people in this country for another shocker. I am a proud NRA Member.
How dare you. I saw the pictures of them removing the bodies and to answer your ignorant point, they aired the gas out. I saw all of the pictures on World War II and the Holocaust as my grandad subscibed to U.S.. Camera, a professional camerman's yearly hardcover books and I saw all of the horrors taken by Germans, Italians, Japanese, and American war correspondants. This was before the liberal censorship and nothing was blacked out. There was a picture of Mussolini, his girlfriend and their driver strung up naked at a gas station. The picture was taken by the partisans who killed them. I will never forget one picture, ever! What is wrong with you people?
Wouldn't it be more appropriate if they just dressed like prostitutes? It is obvious that they would sell their souls for any crackpot liberal cause, valid or not. Barack Obama and The Democrat National Committee as well as the SEIU are behind the Occupy movement as they got caught in Chicago paying their rent.
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