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Protecting JP Morgan from Itself

Roy337 Wrote: May 17, 2012 1:56 PM
I have to wonder why ANYONE would watch the View as a vehicle to watching Obama LIE! If my only "Viewing choice" was between the View and Al Franken, I'd have to go with Big Al!

President Obama recently appeared on The View in order to laud Jamie Dimon as the smartest banker on earth. 

Masterfully, he also convinced the ladies that if the real regulations of Dodd-Frank had been in place, J.P. Morgan’s $2 billion trading loss would have never happened. 

It seemed Obama was saying the government needed to protect poor Jamie from himself.  In light of J.P. Morgan’s total capital, Main Street media looked at the trading loss and said “what’s the big deal?”

 I wonder if J.P. Morgan’s “London Whale” had found one more counterparty to take the martingale trade...