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Rear Admiral Says Faith is Under Threat in Military

Roy323 Wrote: May 04, 2013 11:31 AM
psydoc-You ask "Why do you think the activity is down, and we are attacking one another?" Excellent question and I don't profess to know the TOTAL answer! But a couple of thoughts on the subject: I too miss some of the "Old-Timers (thinking of Gator-Bait in particular). I think people such as he simply GAVE UP! The semi-racist remarks (and i, TOO AM GUILTY At times -in feeble attempts at humor-must get hard to stomach. One other point that I'm sure will get a lot of flack- Two or three of well-entrenched regulars do, truly, get a TAD shop-worn with the same identical opinionated discourse on the same subject day after month! Just sayin