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Kind of Timely; Atlas Shrugged; Fiction Meets Reality.

Roy323 Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 8:30 PM
eddie-I don't see many references to "black like me" in print today but I would like to say that particular book had great influence in my "seeing the light" (or at least my version of said light)

From the book Atlas Shrugged. It’s required reading in my house.

“He didn’t invent iron ore and blast furnaces, did he?”


“Rearden. He didn’t invent smelting and chemistry and air compression. He couldn’t have invented his Metal but for thousands and thousands of other people. His Metal! Why does he think it’s his? Why does he think it’s his invention? Everybody uses the work of everybody else. Nobody ever invents anything.”

She said, puzzled, “But the iron ore and all those other things were there all the time. Why didn’t anybody else make that Metal, but Mr. Rearden...