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Hispanics Favor Democrats, But Didn't Decide Election

Roy323 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 7:41 PM
Seems to me, an Old, White Geezer, who never voted a straight ticket until 2008, the RNC is/was/will be the CULPRIT as far as the GOP is concerned! That is, UNTIL those "exalted leaders" can come up with an 'ELECTABLE" Candidate. I started paying attention to Politics (remotely) about the time of the Dewey debacle and it truly does not appear that the Republicans have learned much, if ANYTHING! I intend to hold my nose and vote NO LONGER! Maybe my voting days are over--U reckon?
Wendy60 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 10:28 PM
Hmmm...exact same mentality as "patsfan68" above. I don't recall seeing your handle on this site before. You aren't by chance a leftist concern troll trying to discourage people here from voting Republican, now that it has become obvious to left-wing leaders post-election that Democrats cannot hold their seats in Congress, are you? Poor little leftists. The mathematics are against them. And they have already culled all the voting booth cooperation from their fellow parasites they can, so all that is left to them is to try to dispirit conservatives. I have caught several of them already. Sad, sad.
Wooster Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 8:36 AM
Wendy, all you have to do is click on his name and you can see his posts dating back to Aug 2011. He didn't join just to troll this topic. Paranoid much?
Wooster Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 8:42 AM
Furthermore, I've duly showed up and voted for every "moderate", "electable" candidate the RNC has given us since Bush I - until this year. There are lots of conservatives that have given up in disgust - myself amoung them.

When the Republicans run a liberty minded candidate who makes the case for freedom, I'll be back. In the meanwhile, I'm not voting for "less liberal than thou" anymore.
After moments of panic in the immediate aftermath of Mitt Romney's defeat, some Republicans and conservatives are regaining their equilibrium on the issue of what the GOP should do about immigration and the Hispanic vote.

They're looking at key questions from the campaign, like how much of Barack Obama's victory was attributable to Hispanic support. They're also looking at the Hispanic electorate itself to see how big a role immigration, versus a wide range of other issues, played in voting decisions. The goal, of course, is to win a larger portion of the Hispanic vote, but first to take...