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Decline or Decadence?

Roy323 Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 5:42 PM
Spikey-You made "the case" far better than I ever could have! We in America (please note the WE) are absolutely spoiled and far too dependent upon Govt Support/protection. Well Stated!

Almost daily we read of America's "waning power" and "inevitable decline," as observers argue over the consequences of defense cuts and budget crises.

Yet much of the new American "leading from behind" strategy is a matter of choice, not necessity. Apparently, both left-wing critics of U.S. foreign policy and right-wing Jacksonians are tiring of spending blood and treasure on seemingly ungrateful Middle Easterners -- after two Gulf wars, the decade in Afghanistan, and various interventions in Lebanon and Libya.

We certainly have plenty of planes and bombs with which to pound Syria's Bashir al-Assad. Never in the last 70 years has...