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gungy U say (paraphrased) "And now Obama is purging Christians out of the military; they even banned bringing Bibles to Walter Reed or giving Christian burials at Houston National cemetery". Do you have definitive sources for these claims? It's not that I doubt you personally , but as an Officer in a National Vets Group I can/will go to DC screaming and Hollering. Just give me what you have, particularly on the "burial" thing. NO /rumors, OK?
Catlos7-I don't usually disagree with your thoughts; However, what the Hell took U so long to get a handle on the "highly educated"? Or do you still believe that highly educated" means Intelligent? Only in the case(s) of the 'STEM, Folk! (IMHO)
RiffRaff-Your summary is a good one! And as "big dog, big cat, big something" implies, This situation is not new by a Long Shot. Over my 25+ years in two branches of Military I accommodated more than a few "Lay-Preachers" Wannabe zealots of all stripe etc. The zealots were not condoned. the "Preachers" real and otherwise were mandated to keep it low key at work. Whatever transpired in Church, the Billets etc was not my concern.. Worked for me!
richard-I certainly do not profess to "speak for God"; however I suspect He/She simply smiles at the offensive action and presses on! I HOPE that's the course of action. I do not trouble myself with things I wouldn't "touch with a ten foot pole" Let ur conscience by ur guide!
psydoc-You ask "Why do you think the activity is down, and we are attacking one another?" Excellent question and I don't profess to know the TOTAL answer! But a couple of thoughts on the subject: I too miss some of the "Old-Timers (thinking of Gator-Bait in particular). I think people such as he simply GAVE UP! The semi-racist remarks (and i, TOO AM GUILTY At times -in feeble attempts at humor-must get hard to stomach. One other point that I'm sure will get a lot of flack- Two or three of well-entrenched regulars do, truly, get a TAD shop-worn with the same identical opinionated discourse on the same subject day after month! Just sayin
Les-I HOPE You're Joking-but, in fact, I wouldn't doubt it!I'm certain the US Intel folk have the capability to dispense with this POS! Why we do not do so is part of a BIG problem!
Phillup-Well Said! I've long been aware of the "Smoking" deal-Gambling or "gaming" never made sense to me-less even than smoking!
"Jeb Bush would be worse than Hillary" (paraphrased) YEAH-but Jeb's better looking! (sarc)
FMCL-I'm sure U know I have NEVER agreed with U on ANYTHING--BUT WE APPEAR TO BE IN AGREEMENT ON THE "well-designed guest worker program". However, I'm also sure U know that will likely NEVER HAPPEN! It's too logical, too workable and would cost the Huge Commercial Farmers too much Money!! NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!
jeff-I'm having fits with the "system " too. Goes with "he territory, I reckon?
load-I do NOT hold Mexicans, Per SE, for ALL the problems relative to unemployed US Citizens. We, the people, have to get a handle on the Third/Fourth generation Welfare parasites before we can legally/morally crucify all Mexicans. No, I'm not Mexican, but I had a BUNCH of 'em work with/for me in my6 long Military career--Mouthy, boisterous--YEAH. But they were to a man Trustworthy and willing to work! Can't say the same for some of my associates (REGRETFULLY)
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