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Bridging the ‘Marriage-Gap’

Roy323 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 9:18 PM
Rob1824--I don't recall B3 saying ANYTHING referring to "gay marriage"-You, Sir/Mam must live in a very AGGRAVATING environment with a constant stream of "Gay Boogeymen" lurking around every corner just waiting to pounce! Lighten Up--You WILL live longer!

We now live in a time where social welfare incentives have engendered unprecedented numbers of unmarried parents, causing record deficits. The inability to address this issue has politically-hobbled every Republican president since Reagan. Our government needs to take responsibility for creating this monster and start on a new path of adopting policies that are good for families.

The “marriage gap” carnage of 2012’s election forces us to confront the reasons for accelerating cultural decline since the days of Reagan. President Reagan had no pro-marriage social policy in his toolbox to counter liberal welfare and no-fault divorce.

In politics, showing up without...