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Higher Tax Rates Won't Support Entitlement State

Roy-WV Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 7:02 PM
I'm NOT an "Economist" but I was/am smart enough to know that when expenses surpass income, the ENTITY involved (be it a Person (U/ME oR the USA)has a serious problem that must be dealt with! It PROBABLY is a good idea to take a HARD look at "entitlements" but before ONE DOLLAR is withheld from SS, MilitaryRetirement(s) ,Legitimately earned "Pensions, etc,it seems to me that ALL Disability SSI, Welfare (of more than one year duration) and other forms of "Self-Entitled" payments MUST BE LOOKED AT! There truly is NO FREE LUNCH, at least not of three/four generation durability! I'm a RACIST, right? NO, i'M A realist!
NewJAl Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 12:07 AM
Why Obama and the Democrats are unfit to even run a lemonade stand.
And that Bush or Boehner acted or act as stupidly, does not excuse spending more than you get.
Tea Party sorts came in, like a flood, in 2010, and for good reasons.
The fiscal cliff negotiations seem to be foundering on Barack Obama's insistence on higher tax rates on high earners and House Republican leaders' insistence on opposing them. The president believes he has a mandate from voters for his position, and House Republicans believe they have a mandate from voters for theirs.

The real argument here is over the size and scope of government. Under Barack Obama, federal outlays -- the technical term for federal spending -- have increased to 24 and 25 percent of gross domestic product.

That's a higher level of federal spending than in any year since 1946, when...