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Lynne110-You say-in part-"Governor Perry needs to deploy his own Texas National guard to the border". I totally agree with you, but there are more than a few draw-backs to such a plan! (Were you around/near a place called "Kent state" long ago? Didn't work out too well as I recall-I have a better idea!?? Let's (the US GUBMINT) enforce ALL existing Law relating to Immigration into the US TO THE LETTER--No exceptions/exemptions and all that "good stuff". Let them learn all about the "Paper-work, waiting, more paperwork, more waiting etc etc.. That Procedure, aggravating tho it is, worked for my Wife of 44 years. It WILL work for todays potential Citizens--U reckon?
I usually agree with Mr. Barone, but just cannot do so on his premise that Obama is "smarter than average"--I think I had this fellow pegged from the beginning--An habitual Liar whose principal weapons are "Double-Talk of extremely Sly/Cunning demeanor! I've never believed a WORD the fellow has spoken!
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The Intellectual Poverty Law Center

Roy-WV Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 8:42 PM
891-I think your last sentence "tells the tale"! Having said that, I will admit-somewhat meekly-that I did in earlier years donate a Dollar or two to the SPLC! I honestly believed that the Organization had the best of intent-Maybe they still do--I'm afraid I just don't "believe" in much of anything anymore!
SSR-Is that YOU?? Sure has an ESS ESS R ring to it!
P08-In my younger days (eons ago) I TRULY enjoyed "Sport Parachuting Competition" even traveling to Czechoslovakia once at, mostly, personal expense to participate. Can't get much DUMBER than "jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun" You say? "Different strokes for Difference Folks" and all that!?
Mr Lambro-I found your column quite interesting/accurate--However, I wish you has concluded with a Thought written something like this: Apparently the reams of pages/words dedicated toward the talents (or Lack thereof of Mr Obama) should have conclusively indicated that if elected he, Obama, was destined to flail about like a fish out of water! Just one more reason why the "Media" has lost ALL credence as far as I'm concerned!
Mitchell73-Please don't misinterpret my position here--I firmly believe in "Fight 'Em OVER THERE" no matter who they are--And I do agree that the THEORY that a "Free, Unified, Unencumbered Iraq(or any other Country ) is the IDEAL. But I do NOT believe that the Islamic World View, religious in nature though it may be, is conducive to a "Better Way of Life"! Just my opinion!
Mr Ransom-I agree that Obama SHARES the "blame' for this mess in Iraq--I think most of the World now agrees that GW should have let the Idiots in Iraq fight among themselves until they all DIED! I'm not sure who TH is attempting to depict in their cover Photo- but John I am pretty sure it is not the Marines--Looks like a couple guys from the 173 Airborne Brigade? Anybody else think so?
Sorry-I'm just gonna make a snide, albeit FACTUAL comment corroborated by more than a little contact with Iraqis prior to retiring in 1978--I'll simply quote an "Old saying" I've heard since I was a Kid--"You cannot make a SILK PURSE out of a Pigs' EAR!"
mick-YOU GOT THE "politically spineless" part RIGHT!
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