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Well, "Hoopty DOO! I have been White all my Life (so far) and I am PRETTY OLD! But I haven't a clue as to what (if anything) Mr Hooligan (sp?) had in mind! Nor do I care--I well remember an American Embassy Consulate trying to convince me that marrying "an Asian" was probably not a good idea (that was in 1970)--As usual, I did not take advice readily--and 44 years after the fact we are both satisfied with choices made! So there Mr Holligan!
The short response to "Is one act more heinous that the other" is NO! I have written, repeatedly, on this thread that "War is bad and EVIL Shiite, and should be avoided if at all possible!" We all know, that the total absence of WAR (in some form)is likely Impossible or nearly so ; therefore "We" America et al simply does the best we with can with what we've got! "Torture" is likely in the "eye of the beholder" for lack of a better standard. I do NOT agree with the widespread use of DRONES any more than I ever have "saturation Bombing"; However,, like I said: War is Bad and Evil and should be avoided if Possible! Glad I'm too old to have any active part of any of this CRUD anymore! ( U believe that??
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Should Profiling Be Banned?

Roy-WV Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 5:35 PM
I wonder if KPar is still confused!? Seemed pretty well "cut and dried", to me, anyway!
cleric77--I wouldn't "bet the Farm" on this, or the next, "congress" doing much of anything about this ! I do hope to be WRONG!
Well said, Mr Jackson! Two words jumped out at me at the end of one of your lines --"white hippies"--OH Yeah! If Sharpton wasn't available to "stir the pot" the grand-kids of the "white hippies" would be proud to fill the bill. Coming back from "the Nam" to Oakland and hoping could get a TR to take me to Pittsburgh (getting a divorce is expensive, GI or NO); so when a Fat, White Hippie spit on me (and YES it did happen contrary to current beliefs) I broke her nose--blood/shiite all over the place.. Oakland Police were not unaware of the situation, so I went through to Pitt boarding! Not all "white hippies" were idiots, just ALL I personally saw!
I find these Actions despicable beyond words! As an active Amateur Archaeologist I have looked at the photos/read much narrative about "the Hummingbird" glypths and simply cannot fathom some idiot engaging in such needless actions! However, on the other hand I'm not surprised at anything the "green weenies" come up with!
Mr Hawkins--IF I read you correctly (and I like to think I do manage to do that ) what you're saying is "WE CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE"!? tell me I'm wrong?
"Wow, I bet this'll stop 'em in their tracks"--YEaH! right!..
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Thinking About Torture

Roy-WV Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 9:13 PM
Neal-Well said! As anyone who has undergone SERE training in the Military knows, Water-boarding is not designed to "Torture" anyone. It sure as hell is uncomfortable, but I never heard of anyone dieing from that action alone. I fear that too many Americans, many who have never seen "War" in all it's horrid manifestations, think of TERRORISTS as opposing Military--NOT SO they represent a "ragged-azzed Para-Military mercenary group that probably doesn't even deserve a decent death, much less a Military funeral. Grease "em all with Pork Fat and then discard "em!
I absolutely and totally sympathize with the Store owner! He does aNOT deserve to be treated , by his "Brothers" in such a shabby fashion! I have spent some time (179 days TDY) in Chad and while I felt I, and team-mates, got along with our contemporaries in the Chad Military, I had to wonder aloud how the average American black person would have dealt with oursituation. I'm fairly certain theren would not have been "Many" applicants for Chad Citizenship! Just sayin'!
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