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My Hope for the Man Bruce Jenner

Roy-WV Wrote: Feb 11, 2015 2:45 PM
ALL I can say is: HEAVENS TO MERGATROID" or some such!
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Brian Williams Must Step Down

Roy-WV Wrote: Feb 11, 2015 2:20 PM
Mr Bozell-C'Mon NOW! You, of all people, should KNOW that the old adage "If his/her mouth's moving they're LYING"! had to have been originated with News/Media Folk in mind!
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Vaccinations Are for the Good of the Nation

Roy-WV Wrote: Feb 11, 2015 12:19 AM
As a Native West Virginian I'm used to being considered " a little short of a full load" but it's extremely difficult to believe Parents take the chances of severe problems occurring if Measles are, in fact, contracted! I remember my younger Brother having a bad case of Measles (shots not withstanding) and almost died! Just sayin!
Sanity102-I truly believe you you have quite succinctly defined the crux of the problem! My "Non-White" Wife came to this country speaking English as a THIRD language and less than the equivalent of an American 6th Grade education. By Diligently applying for and attending ANY/EVERY Course of study she could find locally, she managed to successfully work for/retire from the largest retailer in America, so she draws retirement(s)/SS just as do I! Color, Schmulor (If there is such!! The POOR need to get off their back-ends and WORK! Keep going back until ur hired. It worked for my Wife!
TH-What's the "skinny" on trying to force me (or anyone) onto "face-Book-I have never been on that site and will never be on there. I really wanted to read "Japan Goes to War) but I was not allowed to read the script on TH! what gives??
"Was Brian Williams with you?" Can't say for sure but I don't recollect seeing him! U gotta understand thaT i WAS ONE OF THE "SCARED SHIITLESS" survivors and I was keepin as low a profile as I could!
du2-Let me "Lay this on Ya"? Back in the late 60s "My Ride" was shot out of the sky over Laos and I became almost hopelessly ensnared in the "triple canopy foliage" before I hit the ground--While I spent most of 5 days/nights up that "tree" I'd pray awhile and cuss awhile. Now one of those two methods worked--Jolly green came right into a bunch of terrible monsoon WX and got my ragged rear-end--three companions were not so lucky! I've always been of the opinion that the "Prayin"might have been the difference! You're certainly entitled to ur opinion_Enjoy!!
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The Faithful Clarity of a Moral President

Roy-WV Wrote: Feb 07, 2015 12:29 AM
Well, at least, our "prez" is CONSISTENT! Just when I begin to think that just MAYBE he'll get his "stuff" together, out comes this load of Baloney!
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Tragic School Stories

Roy-WV Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 9:57 PM
Dr. Williams-You are, as usual, SPOT ON! The problem(s) is/are that you will likely be ridiculed by some and totally ignored by many more! Unfortunately, there may very well be NO SOLUTION to this problem as it currently exists! It has been my experience that like cultures tend to "stick together" be they Black, Irish, Polish, Hispanic! that's just the way it is---
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U.S.-Russia Clash in Ukraine?

Roy-WV Wrote: Feb 03, 2015 12:56 PM
259DPA-I do NOT know how many (if any) Ukrainians You know/have known, but during the early 50s (prior to my Military ventures) I worked with MANY Ukranians in the Pittsburgh area. "DPA" could have some particular significance, but most "DPs" I encountered in that time-frame were very happy to be in America. We need to stay out of this Ukrainian Mess IMHO!
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