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To Hell With It, Let's Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff

Rowly Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 10:37 PM
I would like to address all the Republicans who wouldn't listen to reason four years ago when some of us begged and pleaded for them to vote for John McCain,even though he wasn't our candidate of choice.It was important to keep Barack Hussein Obama from getting elected. They wouldn't listen and said we should let Obama win because he couldn't do so much damage in four years that we couldn't overcome in 2012.They hated McCain that much. Well,their chickens have come home to roost.Too bad those of us who tried to talk sense to them will have to suffer for their hard-headiness.It's gonna be a long four years.
We’ve all heard about the “fiscal cliff.” But what does it mean? The media won’t bother to explain it in any detail, and people aren’t looking it up on their own. So, a great many Americans think it’s a physical place, a vacation destination of some sort. I understand people are busy with their lives, but a majority of Americans just voted to re-elect President Obama, a man whose failed leadership created this harmonic convergence of economic mess that is the fiscal cliff. So I say, “To hell with it; let’s jump.”

President Obama is still in campaign mode, traveling...