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Progressives’ Three-Card Monte

Rowly Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 9:24 PM
Obama talked about the Newtown shootings,saying,"if we can save only one child,it will be worth it to have background checks".(Of course that will be used for confiscation if it passes).Anyway,I thought he should think about the millions of murdered babies who never had a chance to live at all.Of course,that does not fit into the left's agenda.

What constitutes news? What does the word even mean anymore? Words have gone from having specific meanings to being malleable tools used to advance a progressive agenda.

Warnings of global cooling in the 1970s became warnings of global warming in the 1990s. Then, when the facts turned out to be completely uncooperative, it became climate change, a meaningless catch-all that can be neither proven nor disproven and whose only use is to bludgeon opponents of the progressives’ “solution.” What doesn’t change is that solution. It’s always more government, more control.

All of this was done in plain sight, right...