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Democrats: Let's Investigate the IRS Inspector General Whose Facts We Don't Like

Rowdy9 Wrote: Jul 18, 2013 4:18 AM
Its scum like this phony intellectual that keeps my children oppressed with their notions of race based entitlements--not only financially, but within the social fabric. My children are not racists, they have never met a black slave and did absolutely nothing to hurt the black culture--who seem bent on total and complete destruction when they glorify a teen thug wannabe and compare him to Martin Luther King. MLK would denounce the whole lot of you and would call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton what they are: RACISTS, BIGOTS AND PERVERTERS OF MORALITY. oh, and also, corruptors of black youth. God is not a Racist--God is what you are in your own mind

I spy an anti-factual vendetta developing, courtesy of the self-stylized "party of ideas:"

As Republicans press their investigation into the Internal Revenue Service, Democrats are trying to turn the focus to the Republican ties of the agency’s chief investigator, Inspector General J. Russell George, whose May audit ignited the firestorm. Late last week, House Democrats charged that some of Mr. George’s work has been “highly misleading,” and they demanded that the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which has been taking the lead in investigating the IRS, call back the inspector general not just as an investigator,...