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At least Pinnochio turned into a real boy. While Carnage still remains a boy with a wooden head.
Trey Gowdy is the most straight talking courageous man in the House or Senate. but really, to try to blame Hillary, Obungler, and the rest of those nitwits with a coverup has to be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RACISM! BELIEVE ME, THE DEMS WILL USE THAT EXPLANATION TODAY
Simple solution Get some dirty filthy mouthed rap artist to request a meeting bring he survivor along. just sayin'
Well, If she wins, they deserve her
Hypocrisy is the left's middle name. Their last name is lawlessnes
Are you sure? Let me see: 4 years of college 2 years of medical training 1 year of internship 300,000$ 100,000 to open a practice. Yes, I would say all doctors are greedy. LEFTIST IDIOTS!
Danielle Kimberly is really either crazy or ignorant to think that Obamacare is failing because of "greedy doctors". Doctors have turned down insurance so little in the past. If I were a doctor, I would open up a Planned Parenthood, where all the money is. Killing babies is more lucrative than healing born people
Only a perverted mind would even consider eating there. PETA: Pathetic Evil Twisted @@ses
Everyone, Just turn off the tv, stop reading these sites, go rest until Obama and his gang leave office, then we can clean up the garbage dump they created. It's a waste of time now to even respond to these over-educated derelicts
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