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Lies & Clever Myths

roughlyright Wrote: Jun 22, 2013 9:32 AM
Romney lost because Ovomit CHEATED. Millions of illegals without ID voted for Ovomit. Thousands voted for Ovomit multiple times. Polling booths were stuffed with votes by bought polling agents. Finally, lots of Republican voters were not allowed to vote like the armed services and those overseas and even those in the US. The thing is I knew all this sitting in Bombay, India. Soooo, why didn't the Republicans take action and prevent this from happenning ??? Why have they allowed Ovomit to fudge his birth cetificate and get away with it ??? Why have they allowed Ovomit to obliterate all his past records ??? I know the answer. Do you guys have a clue ???
I would say KILL the Islamic fanatical bixch as soon as possible. Torture her to death. After all the bixch encouraged and bred two terrorist killers. Do a thorough check on her daughters and d-i-l as well. Eliminate the whole lot, if required. Zero tolerance for Islamic fanaticism.
I think by now you know the answer to your question. Also, you guys seem to be in a tearing hurry to jump the gun.
This stupidity has been going on since when ??? During Bush's time as well or only after the USA elected Obozo as its criminal President in 2008 ??
I really didn't know (until I heard this small video clip) that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was such an IDIOT. And, not just DUMB but biased as well.
Obama's maids in Hawaii can rest easy. Obama will be put in jail for life after being tried for treason. Perhaps, they can get Michelle too for cheating the American tax payer. Life long jail sentences for both would be in order. Barry, off course, should be put in solitary, otherwise he might actually enjoy himself (being a down low gay).
David, Has it ever occurred to you that Obozo is an anti-American traitor who is carrying out his plan quite diligently ??? He intends to diminish America's economy, military & prestige to such an extent, that after he completes his 8 years (2008-2016), America will be a third rate power. This is my view of Obozo shared by quite a few others, I must say.
I see your point Edward, but James Sinclair says Obama might love prison :-) Maybe, he should be kept in solitary confinement when not working his 12 hour day picking peas.
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Obama Versus Obama

roughlyright Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 11:30 AM
Hussein Obozo is going to lose the elections. Republicans should turn out in number and vote against Obozo by voting for Romney-Ryan. Also, try and convince Democrats and fence sitters to vote against Obozo. Stay confident but do not get compacent. I see a Romney-Ryan victory in November, 2012.
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