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How Liberals Argue: Obamacare Taxes

Ross83 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 1:24 PM
Union pension funds were robbed to fun Las Vegas casinos, while the union bosses reaped millions of dollars in kickbacks. Kickbacks to unions to preserve labor peace was a common practice. I worked at a company where one particular union cut the break cables of the trucks to intimidate the ownership. That they put the drivers lives at risk was of no concern to them.

Last night, I joined CNBC's The Kudlow Report to discuss the recent news that 18 Senate Democrats have signed a letter urging the postponement or repeal of Obamacare's destructive medical device tax.  Conservatives have warned for years that the tax would kill jobs and undermine innovation in the field, a conclusion that some Democrats have finally embraced as implementation looms.  The Left has recognized this problem all along, of course, but they needed to squeeze as much on-paper revenue as possible into the Obamacare CBO score back in 2010 in order to attract those final few votes from "fiscally...