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Could This Be Like Nixon In 1972?

Ross83 Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 9:38 AM
Neither Romney nor Obama is as off the charts inept as MCgovern. This is not a good comparison.
christiancon Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 10:11 AM
Wow, dont know much about McGovern do you. War hero, senator with a record of being there and voting. Not a street agitator. Not a Alinskyite. I am sorry buddy the comparison is not justified. McGovern (though dead wrong) was and is twice the man of Obummer.
Ross83 Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 10:40 AM
I had the pleasure of actually meeting and talking with McGovern in 1970. He was very polite and chatty and I liked him very much. I was referring to his ability as a political campaigner not his personal life with is exemplary. He never met a left cause that he didn't embrace and it backfired on him when Humphrey simply asked how much is all this going to cost and how will you pay for it. McGovern had no idea.
christiancon Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 10:45 AM
Obama however doesnt care. This makes Obama exponentially worse in my view.
Rick 2811 Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 9:58 AM
Not so fast Ross....Obama is at least, if not more so, farther left than MC Govern...the latter never apologized for America being America..didn't talk about redistribution of money...he liked raising taxes, but all liberals love that too. That's there main idea of governance...raise money and spent it...or in Obama's case spent more than he raises. For now !!

President Richard Nixon won a second term in the White House, by being the avenger of left-wing cultural chaos.

Will challenger Mitt Romney win a first term as President, because he provides a similar alternative?

This year’s election will mark the fortieth anniversary of another historic contest. In November of 1972 President Richard Nixon defeated his opponent George McGovern in the Electoral College by a landslide margin of 49 states to 1. Setting the U.S. presidential record for the widest margin of victory among the popular vote, Nixon received nearly 18 million more votes than McGovern.