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Terrorism's Useful Idiots

Ross83 Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 8:53 AM
the left has fallen for Hamas because they want to. Hamas plays to a well established violent antisemitism that sits within the fascist left. One quick look at the unhinged postings in the DailyKos for example will show it clearly. The murder of Jews and Israelis gets them sexually excited, while the arabs and Hamas are the more noble people uncontaminated by western values.
we are talking about muslim fanatics here. They think that Hamas is a humatarian group. This IS the norm for them.
they are sending israel the ammunition that Israel needs and that is in the face of a torrent of attacks from the antisemitic left, which forms the basis of Obama's support. Just check out web sites like the Daily Kos to see these unhinged attacks on Obama for what they say is surrender to Israeli butchery and mass murder (actual mass murder in Syria and Iraq is somehow not noticed)
Israel is doing the arabs a favor by getting rid of Hamas is what he is saying, if I read it correctly.
not really, but what she actually said is equally stupid. She said that we should be talking to Qatar who funds Hamas and Qatar thinks that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. When asked what she herself thought she simply hummed and then Crowley and CNN cut her off of, they said time reasons. So we should kowtow to qatar, who is Hamas funder? CNN is a propaganda arm of hamas and Pelosi is an idiot.
so the pals chose hamas and hamas chose war. How is it working out for them? CNN may have become a Hamas propaganda outlet but who is actually dying?
He had earned a PhD in philosophy from Boston University I think it was. But he was indeed a minister first, and a very good and chorally one.
King was also a genuine scholar and minister. Not a street thug.
Black teenagers are 3 yeqars behind whites in basic academic skills like reading and math, while the whites are not doing all that well either, Black teenager unemployment is more than double white teen aged unemployment. One would think that they have far more pressing needs than this bit of stupidity. And, what message does this send to them? It only aggravated the cult of failure and violence that has taken root.
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Israel Supporters: Beware of Hillary

Ross83 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:11 PM
Hillary is an idiot and a corrupt one getting rich on bribes for special interest groups like realestate and gambling interests (sorry speaking fees). Yet there, ever since watergate days there has been a cult of hillary that is simply unshakable. Note that she was fired fro mt eh watergate committee for incompetence, a fact never mentioned in polite media.Beating her is going to take a lot of ceaseless hard work.
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