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Enabling the Delusional Democrats

Ross83 Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 1:14 PM
how did the aca supporter know that your then policy was not good enough? was he a mind reader, like Obama seems to be?
had he been an arab muslim the left would have praised him.
Heard the same thing after the 1964 elections. Just 4 years later things had changed.
never get cocky. 2 years in politics is an eternity. things could change quickly. But Pelosi says she doesn't remember gruber even though she had been on television praising gruber. Watching her slurred and incoherent answers to reporters' questions maybe senility is settling in and she does not indeed remember. But she runs the democratic party house caucus like a personal fiefdom and they are too cowardly to fight back.
Obama sycophants like Axlerod and MSNBC say that Obama should say that Gruber is an idiot and move on. But that begs the question, why did you pay 6 million dollars of taxpayer money to an idiot, and was he lying then or is he lying now? Either way he is a lyer and you paid him big money.
All of these videos were out there and in the public domain. None was secret nor secretly recorded. Weinstein searched teh public record for them. He has done yeoman's work and is deserving of praise.
The law is great for those who can get someone else to pay for their health insurance.
Oregon, yes Oregon, voted down and voted down big a proposal to give illegal aliens drivers licences. That should be an omen.
and was paid 400,000 dollars from the whitehouse and almost 6 million dollars over all.
How does this differ from what Reagan and Bush sr. did? I am not being snarkey here. If anyone here is a lawyer I would love to hear the legal difference
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