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hah! Even Chris Mathews, whose adoration of Obama verges on the homoerotic, is becoming dismayed. This is to say nothing about the nut left.
polls are not elections. the actual election is in november. Vote! The alternative is not your ideal. The alternative is Pelosi and Reid and Holder and Obama.
you may be the only one still watching MSNBC. Their ratings have hit record lows, and that means LOW.
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DSCC Pulls Money and Ads from Kentucky

Ross83 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 10:13 PM
she was an Obama delegate at the convention. That vote is public record. Should would not even admit that.
do not count your chickens before they are hatched. Many women lover davis and of course the parasite class needs people like her, plus the liberal media is all over.
right there is the parasite class. They care not a whit about any of this. They just want stuff from the taxpayers.
MSNBC's ratings are the lowest they have ever been, and they have always been very low. This idiocy and extreme bias is part of the reason. The other being that they have no idea how to run a television station.
the parasite class in american politics care not a whit about any of this. They want theirs and thats it.
The dems seem desperate but please remember polls are not elections. The election is in November so vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and perfection is the mortal enemy of the good. if you do not agree completely with the republican the alternative is not your ideal. The alternative is Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Holder on the Supreme Court, ISIS taking over Syria and Iraq and then attacking Lebanon and Jordan and probably Turkey as well. on and on.
Liberty is the building block of society. Liberty is the goal and the solution. Liberty means that sometimes people will do things that you do not like. Tough for you, If this is what is going to drive Huckabee away, and all other issues mean nothing then bye. I would rather have someone whith whom i agree 75% and win than someone with whom I agree 100% and lose.
the feeling is mutual.
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