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He had earned a PhD in philosophy from Boston University I think it was. But he was indeed a minister first, and a very good and chorally one.
King was also a genuine scholar and minister. Not a street thug.
Black teenagers are 3 yeqars behind whites in basic academic skills like reading and math, while the whites are not doing all that well either, Black teenager unemployment is more than double white teen aged unemployment. One would think that they have far more pressing needs than this bit of stupidity. And, what message does this send to them? It only aggravated the cult of failure and violence that has taken root.
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Israel Supporters: Beware of Hillary

Ross83 Wrote: 14 hours ago (11:11 PM)
Hillary is an idiot and a corrupt one getting rich on bribes for special interest groups like realestate and gambling interests (sorry speaking fees). Yet there, ever since watergate days there has been a cult of hillary that is simply unshakable. Note that she was fired fro mt eh watergate committee for incompetence, a fact never mentioned in polite media.Beating her is going to take a lot of ceaseless hard work.
Living in Israel is just fine. Its a modern active country. Its the arabs who live under terrorist governments, their own. Note how many israeli arabs are moving to the pal paradise in gaza. NONE.
When Kerry Libeled Israel he lost all credibility. He is simply a sop for the antisemitic left. He should be fired immediately as should the president who appointed him.
it is stupid but that the law. Its what happens when you pass a huge important bill without having read it. Democrats have only themselves to blame. The stupidity is theirs and theirs alone.
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CNN has become the propaganda arm of Hamas. Its disgusting.
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