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This voting pattern dates back many decades and exists for good reasons but many are waking up and things are changing.
If one takes a very quick look at the left wing propaganda outlets like the Daily Kos or salon you will find a constant stream of antisemitic hatred and nonstop attacks on israel and its elected prime minister. The so called Pals, these pure nonwhite non Christian oppressed people are the victims of this European invasion on their lives of peace and harmony, by the evil Jew. This is where Obama and his staff get their ideas.
if we all keep on complaining about so called rinos and lose the senate that is exactly what will happen.
the parasite class is under polled. They only wan their checks to keep coming in.
Remember businesses do not create jobs. so to hell with them.
famous name makes her tough to beat. remember polls do not vote
i suspect that the polls are not properly polling the most loyal of democratic voters.
Polls don't vote. We vote so get out there. Forget complaining about RINOs and your version of perfection. Vote the bastards out.
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Hagan Can't Say If Obama Is A Strong Leader

Ross83 Wrote: Oct 26, 2014 10:12 PM
I hope that Obama is proud of this not so big vote of confidence.
actually small and tiny businesses and startups create nearly all teh new jobs int he economy. Every single policy enacted and favored by the likes of Obama, Hillary, malloy and Coakley and the rest make it much harder and often impossible for new businesses and start up[s to actually hire anyone. I have been told by Democrats that if I cannot deal with all of their regulations and demands I should not be in business int he first place. Nice now I am broke and all 4 employees are out of work all together. THAT is Democratic party economics.
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