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a person who knows nothing about ebola reporting to someone who knows nothingabout anything. as about solyndra however
Unfortunately its for all the wrong reasons. They should abandon the Dems because democratic party policies destroy opportunities for beginners and especially for Black teenagers and prevent new businesses from starting up all to protect Unions, who are the real power brokers in the Democratic party. But the democrats have, since 1964, very successfully painted themselves as the party of civil rights.
good point
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Oh My: Brown: 48; Shaheen: 47

Ross83 Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 3:07 PM
polls are not elections
I think that i may be geting 40 emails a day from the democrats. the emails are getting more and more frantic. They do indeed seem to be running scared. But enough with the emails already.
prostitution can be lucrative.
Last night I saw on MSNBC no less the white house press secratary talk about how much success we are having against ISIS followed immediately by a story about ISIS moving in on Bagdad airport and on Kobane. Even MSNBC (as a network at least) isn't buying white house jibberish any more
hah! Even Chris Mathews, whose adoration of Obama verges on the homoerotic, is becoming dismayed. This is to say nothing about the nut left.
polls are not elections. the actual election is in november. Vote! The alternative is not your ideal. The alternative is Pelosi and Reid and Holder and Obama.
you may be the only one still watching MSNBC. Their ratings have hit record lows, and that means LOW.
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