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I have seen fundamentalist christians on this board call for the death penalty for women who have had abortions but I cannot believe tha they would actually go out and murder someone. Muslims ont he other hand actually do hang people who they consider to be apostate and slaughter other muslims (not even to mention christians) by the thousand simple for being another kind of muslim. In the mean time the other muslims are silent. Thus there is in fact a qualitive and quantitive difference between the christian fantics who are on far fringe and muslims fanatics who are the dominate and ruling group.
Won't get that fact from the left.
In November alone nearly 5,000 muslims were murdered by other muslims all inthe name of islam.
Saudi Arabia,. who hangs people for the crime of simply deciding not to be a muslim any more, is not a great example of a country that yearns for peace and tolerance. Taft here has drunk muslim coolade.
to the left Islam and arabs represent the noble savage a nonwestern non christian nonwhite and especially nonJew group who have not been corrupted by western values. that Islam is a death cult that is brutally oppressive to women and all who the left holds sacred is lost on them. The left believes that the only reason that a christian could possible support Israel is because of some crazy end times faith that, in their minds all religious Christians believe. That the mullahs who run and basically own Iran actually believe this nonsense is also lost on them. Israel, as a Jew, western oriented, colonialist outpost dug deep into the middle of a pure arab nation is an original sin that must be removed.
the congress can hear from anyone it wants without permission or even knowledge of the whitehouse or state department. It often does in fact. There is no broached protocol.
Boehner has skillfully put the democrats in a bind. Look weak and antiIsrael or go against their president ( or lord and savior). They are in full blown panic. As their supporting blogs attack Bibi and boehner as traitors and bigots and demand basically a presidential dictatorship they are in even worse of a bind.
Garcia cares only about city employees unions this is not a victory for honor or sense.
Actually I do not think highly of santorum, as far as Cruz my jury is still out as I do not know enough about him yet to formulate an opinion. But both have greater insight than Hillary but would not stand a chance against her.
Cher want to tell me how to sing a song I am all ears. When she wants to tell me how to vote and who is a racist and who isn't I lose interest. She is simply another ignorant arrogant Hollywood jackhole.
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