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MSNBC is still going on and on about Furguson. On this, Nothing, nothign at all. It simply cuts against the liberal imagination of Islam.
the silence from Obama and the likes of MSNBC is deafening.
The radical muslim want to behead you to create an islamic world. The moderate muslm wants the radical muslim to behead you to create an islamic world.
The silence from muslims from liberals and obama is deafening
they are not crazy. They want to destroy small businesses and to push people completely out of the job force and thus make them wholly dependent on government handouts which they control. This is highly calculated.
Obama is the smartest man in the world. david letterman once said that you couldn't make fun of him because he was so competent. He great depth of knowledge and history is mind boggling. I know this to be true because I have been reading emails from DWS and the Daily Kos and Chris Mathews. (the daily kos is actually very upset that we would use firepower to attack Iraq yet again).
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

Ross83 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 10:54 AM
He has been doing this for a long time, beginning in the Clinton administration. Its to bad that he is leaving under his own conditions and not being pushed out.
+Events have pushed Obama into this stance, very much against his will. He is being driven by events not driving them. But even with this the left is going nuts. They seem to be almost in favor of ISIS.
you have been listening to Mathews as well I see. Well said.
I just listened to Chris mathews and I learned that Obama gave a titanic speech in which he rallied the world to his cause, brought on world peace, and completely turned around the fortunes of Democrats in the up coming election. Obama is the smartest and greatest man in the world, who also shows great humility and decency. (I suspect that Mathews prepared all that without every having seen the actual speech)
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