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How about murder of those who are already born. Blacks are 6% of the population but 40% of the murder victims and more than 95% of those murderers are Black. Never mentioned in the liberal media, never dealt with among the self proclaimed Black leaders. Do black lives actually matter? I guess not to them.
Krugman used to be a very interesting economist but he has become a far left polemicist and a stupid one at that. Its always the same vast government borrowing and spending will bring prosperity and no amount of actual experience will change thqt.
i was quoting someone else, someone the left. Not my opinion.
i was quoting someone else, someone the left. Not my opinion.
do you think that any democrats will boycott Bibi?
its very sad that the new fascism comes from the left.
"The prospect of a foreign leader "invited" by a political party to deliver a public, unauthorized "rebuttal" to an active and ongoing U.S. Administration's foreign policy, "legitimized" in front of a U.S. Congress, is nothing less than an appalling, Un-American disgrace, and the Republican Party and its House leader, John Boehner that invited him to do so should be hanging its head in shame" posted in todays daily kos...Boehner looking pretty good isn't he (at least to me...chickenshit my eye.)
NBC has been doing this for years. Andrea Mitchell doctored a speech by Romney where it looked like he was in awe of a vending machine thus implying that Romney was a rich out of touch nincompoop. She deliberately cut from Romney's speech a large part. What impressed Romney was not the machine but the entrepreneurship of the two guys who took huge risks to start the company. This was criminal distortion on NBC's part. And not to mention the GM pickup truck that NBC wired to burst into flames..
not being a Catholic I have no interest in what the pope says
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The Antisemitic Derangement

Ross83 Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 9:59 PM
Hollande is an antisemitic leftist.
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