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not to speak of the daily slaughter of muslims by muslims all over south asia. From the liberal media? silence or excuses.
The French who rounded up and then murdered over 200,000 french citizens who were Jewish were not arabs but local French citizens. The muslims are able to get away with their own hatreds because in france the ground is already fertile with it.
so Israel defends itself and that makes it ok t murder a grocer in france because he is Jewish? This is what passes for logic among the left wing fascists.
Its been developing long before Obama ever came on the scene. Obama just takes it as real because its all he knows within his tight circle of like minded liberals. I have a large book entitled the New Antisemitism from 1971 that tracks the history of left wing Jew hatred. It was quite alarming in 1971 and has only grown more venomous.
Much of today's raw antisemitism comes from the left and is spurred on by muslims for whom the left loves and gives a major pass. It is disguised by the hatred that they have for the elected prime minister of Israel. Never a day goes by when places like the daily Kos or Salon or nearly any western college campus are not replete with hateful postings and comments directed directly at Jews and Israel, Most could have been written by David Duke or have been cribbed from Der Sturmer. It is left wing fascism.
By definition antisemitism means hatred of Jews. It was coined in 19th century germany and gained status in Russia to mean hatred of Jews period. The word was coined to convince people that Jews were not just a religion but a separate race, a genetic race outside the european purity. To be called antisemitic at the time was a badge of honor for it meant you were preserving the race. Arabs had and have nothing to do with the term.
disagree or not with McCain he has experience and class. Code Pink are just a bunch of lowlife self important dykes. However they do know that these stunts attract the news media.
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Abortion Protesters Don't Count?

Ross83 Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 2:09 PM
a couple of protesters picket in front of a republican candidate or code pink pulls off on e of its stupid stunts it gets headlines. This march was all but ignored as it always is.
How about murder of those who are already born. Blacks are 6% of the population but 40% of the murder victims and more than 95% of those murderers are Black. Never mentioned in the liberal media, never dealt with among the self proclaimed Black leaders. Do black lives actually matter? I guess not to them.
Krugman used to be a very interesting economist but he has become a far left polemicist and a stupid one at that. Its always the same vast government borrowing and spending will bring prosperity and no amount of actual experience will change thqt.
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