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Curtis was not the original candidate and not a party favorite. She was plugged in at the last moment when the actual candidate imploded. They know that Curtis is a complete dud, even if they agree with her and will do their best to pretend that she doe not exist. The media will not press them on this.
the left will figure out a way to blame Israel as will the UN. Israel should not allow any UN personnel inside Israel for any reason at all.
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Obama Spurns the 'Optics' Police

Ross83 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 2:27 AM
Obama doesnt seven seem to care any more. He is in way over his head, his policy of dithering an d weakness have turned around on him and he is at sea. It took Neville Chamberlain's own conservative party back benchers to get him out and it will take the dems to do the same. But the media is still saying that vacations are important for Obama to clear his head. He head is already clear, clear of any thought process at all.
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, wealthy individuals, Us via Obama, etc.
the real reason that the rabs haven't turned on Hamas is that if they do they are shot and killed. Also Islam dominates their every thought and so they know of nothing else and are basically stupid. If Hamas was an actual social service provider they would use teh cement to build homes roads and hospitals and the like instead of tunnels into israel. They are murderous terrorists nothing more.
was there a call for victory?
it upsets their world view. To the liberals it is israel who is the terrorist state and the Jew who controls congress. This dose of hard reality causes dissonance and so they ignore it.
you do not understand obama ened arab terror when he single handily got Bin Ladin. This is all myth created by the tea party.
Obama is paralyzed and a huge part of his constituency is actually sympathetic to arab terrorists, That leaves him an a huge quandary/
self aggrandizement in the extreme.
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