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The Watergate Anniversary Right Wing Nitwit Spin Story

Rosemary2 Wrote: Jun 17, 2012 1:26 PM
No, it wasn't Sharron Angle. It was out and out fraud. She was winning until the fraud votes were counted. As a Nevada voter, I lived it.

Ken5061 wrote: Nixon would make ten Obamas. Nixon did a lot of good things and not many bad, that I saw. Obama has done a lot of bad things and not many good, that I have seen. Nixon was hated by the press for fighting communists. Maybe that colors your input.- Watergate at 40: Obama is the Democrats’ Nixon

Dear Ken,

The column isn’t about how the two are dissimilar. It’s about their similarities.

Granted Nixon did some good things and he was hated by the press.  

But Nixon wasn’t just hated by the press.

He was also...

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