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discusting>wheren is(small c's) comander in chief like i believe anderson cares about our boys
see what the media lies started?
what?Father loves the sinner NOT the sin and as far as disabled where did you get that from?? We will be His strongest witness in the end days .He loves all! but all sin will be handled His way not mans
what Bible do you read? Isaiah7:14Immanuel God with us>At conception!Dec.>25was His conception. His birth is Sept29 .Tradition of men Void the word of God no wonder the whole world follows after satan when he comes it is written!I will wait on the LORD Jesus Christ>>> Immanuel God with us
Deut:32-44 is what is coming to you people NOT the ones in opposition>they will be singing this song Against you when the Lord comes
foolish it all has to do with CONTROL And the LAW of the Father or we would all be Gay and then the world would of ended long ago(this age)don't justify evil its not working anymore
you are old! i have been against gay marriage since i was young>liar like the media does and i grew up in evil NYS>that could be why
and to the so called Preist in the news media>( that no not the word of) God Christianity is a reality Not a Religion>there is only one way to the Father ONE way ONE way>the people are waking up to all your corruption in the church to and its about time.. Four headed beast in the end days that God will reveal >>>>Political, Education, Economics********* last but not least Religion,,The man made word Father hates!Denomonations.means division Get with reality or donot cry anymore Father told all what would happen when you go against His Laws! Song of Moses you all better learn Quickly
i hate you media keep pumping your lies into the young minds of children> your soul is dying not the ones in opposition mister
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