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Seeing All News in the Right Light

rosecityken Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 9:35 AM
and dont forget the "community organizer in cheif" himself, who takes great pleasure in bashing publicly anyone who dares oppose his fundamental transformation. (fox, republicans, bitter clingers, etc etc). Question: If you loved something would you really want to change the Fundamentals of it?
Et Tu Punxsutawney Phil! Last week there were numerous opportunities for the stock market to pop on great economic news. That news never materialized, yet the market still edged higher. Simply put, the fix was in for a giant week that could have seen a new all-time high for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I worry about the sanguine feel of the week.

My biggest beef is with the media, particularly media that covers the market. It is problematic to hear people that know better shower each piece of economic data with accolades that used to have to be earned with truly...
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