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Governing Versus Campaigning Party

rosecityken Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 9:20 AM
hands down by far the best quote of this article has to be " he told reporters (aka admirers)", almost did a spit-take with my coffee. you have nailed it mona. by chance i watched a show called "decisions that shook the world" and it was about Ronald Reagan and the way he dealt with the soviet union , which no matter what his critics say, ended the cold war, reduced nuclear arms count, and freed millions of people from an oppressive bohemoth. And to both my wife and I it was stunning the differences between our current "chicago machine byproduct/ anti colonial community organizer and someone who truly loved and believed in America and got millions of other to shake of the "Carter doldrums".
There are two major parties in the United States: the party that wishes to govern and the party that wants only to campaign.

It's to their credit that Republicans are obsessed with getting the government to address its unconscionable and unmanageable debt, freeing up the productive private sector to create economic growth and maintaining the nation's military preeminence. But there's something almost pathetic about the way leading Republicans complain that the president doesn't negotiate in good faith. Of course he doesn't. He's not interested in governing -- at least not with Republicans. He's determined to campaign from now until November 2014 so...