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The Good News About Offshore Oil Rigs

rose217 Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 11:14 AM
This is Old news about Offshore Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico being wild life ocean habitats. Thats where the Shrimpers troll and the fishing public and commercial, go to find a good catch. UT & TXAM marine biology researchers check out the waters regularly for pollution of all kinds. Our farmers and livestock ranches need extra help from hunters to keep down the high population of Wild Hog and other predatory game. The only menace to the wild life seems to be the Wind farms culling down the migratory birds population which once keep down the viral mosquito population. CA towns have trouble with the wild cats and bears displaced by forest fires caused by EPA restricting the removal of overgrown and dead wood kindling which once was better managed by Lumber industry removal and replanting new trees regularly.
Failure is the goal by ObamaRegime so the Lib Progressive Demos can force single payer Medical which is will completely take over of US.
Democrats who walked out made themselves as responsible for the deaths of these American heros as Benghazi Hillary and Prez.
This family must go to Mexico and climb over the Border fence or under a Border tunnel with all the drug gangs and muslim terrorists. Then they will be able to get amnesty and owe Drug lords their lives.
If the Rice was Condi would we be having the same accusations and name calling. Ideology not Color. Sick of Leftists hypocrisy. Cut them off and out. Secede
Voter fraud. None of these votes are valid and must be declared null and void. They have stolen the legal vote from every legal voter in Houston TX. NAACP IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW.
Abolish all Federal laws taxing and regulating booze, smokes and personal weapons. Eliminate ATF. States can take care of their own.
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