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The people who made this list are nuts!
To "compromise" with Obama is to capitulate, surrender to stupidity, monumentally bending over to abject incompetence! For America to be great, Obama must be shown the door with a metaphorical boot to the backside!
You break the coalition by requiring voter ID and a secure and honest ballot! Stop the voter fraud and we'll get less Obama's to deal with!
America elected a slick talkin' con-man, freaking twice!
Obonehead and family woke up Christmas morning and sang carols, really? Did the jackwagon learn a thing from what's happening in Iraq? Apparently not!
Obama is incompetent and dangerous!
Does it occur, that the constituencies of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackwagon, Farrakhan don't want the police in their neighborhoods, they'd rather be left to their own devices! I say give it to'em!
Home invasion, necklacing, machete mauling and I'm not ready! If Obama's sons and daughters ever make whiteee really mad, it's Katy bar the door! Most of us are trying to be polite, but apparently that's not working!
He, de Blasio, wouldn't be welcomed at the landfill!
If you've seen his son -- he sports a magnificent Afro -- there's a striking resemblance to the commie Angelia Davis! What "Big Bird" de Blasio should warn his son about, is to stop trying to look like 60's radicals!
This a truly momentous occasion, for a republican to win a recount is outstanding, as they almost never win against lying, cheating, feckless, vapid democrats!
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