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That persona is the what should scare the be-Jesus out of Americans! Obama shouldn't be anywhere near the power to destroy a nation!
What I gather from this testimony, is there wasn't a lick of preparedness, no inclination something might occur on the anniversary of 9-11, that's the dereliction!
This entire narrative reminds me of someone that leads from behind, someone who allows decisions to paralyze a timely, decisive decision, overwhelmed with the potential political consequences! Does this someone exist? Is he man of wealth and taste, creased trousers, brilliant smile, a con-man?
Can I speak candidly to you? Does Rabazaba Boogaloo ring a bell with you?
Could the Secret Service be telling Obama to stay within containment, to not go where he'd be vulnerable? Bet they were sweatin' that game of pool and offers of weed!
Why does that woman always appear to be in a trance?
Anyone else sick of lookin' at and listenin' to that useless clown, Obonehead Obama?!!!
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The Petulant President

Roscoe Mendago Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 1:49 PM
One mendacious man in 5+ years has done what our cold war, 1947-91 adversaries couldn't achieve! In that time he's nearly brought the United States to its knees with his noxious presence! So buckle-up folks, the next 2+ years of Obama's imposed incompetence may be the end of America!
That destructive, government endorsed religion is democrats version of communism!
I'd bet, that if the left could take their desires to an end-point, they'd have religion outlawed! What gives any evidence they wouldn't, as they're unrelenting in their quest to transform?
I thought is was a glorious day indeed when Clinton left office, but that will be far surpassed when we're finally rid of Obuckethead, glorious!
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