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I'd bet Obama approved of the protests taking place outside the gates of Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch! Obama's never been effectively scrutinized, never had to endure criticism on any prolonged level, he's blessed never to have had to work in his life, recreation is his occupation, it's his thang!
Why this preoccupation with [abortion], as most of those championing the procedure would never be in a position to have one, I do say most! It makes ya-wonder if those advocates for the unrestrained activity that places the aggrieved in the position to seek out the necessity to kill another human, my eternal question is: Why not avoid pregnancy!
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

Roscoe Mendago Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 1:28 PM
I declare Obama a petulant child!
Obama has moments like that everyday, although he is quite adept at jive and slithers right on past the frozen moment!
Neither Al Sphincter or Jesse Jackwagon are fitting of the title Reverend, they're both hopeless charlatan frauds!
Eric Holder and his "Justice Department" is going to conduct a "lynching!"
The best thing possibly to come of Obama's return, would be his resignation and it's long, long overdue! People making a fuss about Obama's return to DC, saying it's "a rare break for him," apparently don't remember a few years back Obonehead was in Hawaii, returned to DC, took care of some legislative sewage, then back to Hawaii and ultimately back to DC! Now that's a waste! I'm hopin' for resignation!!!
What group is de Blasio hoping to reach with that 13 million and won't it be wasted on those who obey the laws? Ironically, isn't it just those law-abiders he's trying to disarm and to do so won't alter for a second, the uptick in gun crime! Stop n' frisk, stop n' frisk, stop n' frisk folks!
This is what-ya get when the voters insist on electing liberals! As soon as I head components of that bridge were going to be built in China, I was wary! China kills your pet with food, sheet rock is deadly and apparently their bridge components are sub-standard!
Undoubtedly this has already been mentioned, but what's Obama done properly, correct, beneficial, helpful for society, WHAT?!
I wonder if Obama's given any thought to what it's going to take, to keep ISIL from running wild all over the Middle East? He sure didn't give thought to what led up to the current crisis!
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