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How can Obeelzebub's poll numbers be as high as they are, how?!
Isn't this that "transformation" Obonehead warned America about?
Neither the Reverend Al or Jesse Jackwagon in any way have anything remotely Biblical in mind with their destructive nonsense, as those two clowns and the rest of the usual suspects are fully committed to their racist narrative and getting the most unrest possible for the buck!
Is there much of anything that hasn't been bollixed up by Obama and his crew and especially in regard to defense matters: Announcing withdrawal dates, withdrawing from Iraq, emptying GTMO, ROE that puts everyone at risk, including micromanaging something Valerie Jarrett knows nothing about!
Sure, hecklers who've been paid by Obama's crew are what those friends of Obama actually are! If the hecklers were made up of actual opponents of Obama -- republicans howling for some economic recovery -- there might be some validity to the heckling, but those dissenters are phoney!
I hope this woman feels at the peak of fitness and health and remains in her position on the Supreme Court a suitable length of time into a republican presidential administration and will then subsequently resign, allowing the court to get to an insurmountable conservative majority and to strike down the crazy leftist decisions that have jacked-up America almost to oblivion!
Obonehead needs to be removed and Joe Biden would be fun and most assuredly temporary!
Does Obonehead consider the fact there are folks who're having a tough time dealing with him?!
She didn't know which guitar to grab! I thought this was funny with all the moves and head bobbin', a total parody!
You're going to talk to these Barbarians? Really? Reportedly Bobby Jindal has a refreshing solution for this, extermination!!!
Anyone who voted for Obama or democrats is most certainly dumb!
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