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Cliven could grow dreadlocks and fer-sure be able to open fire on the authorities, he'd be a bro defending his turf!
What I find acceptable, the avoidance of unwanted pregnancy! Don't get pregnant if you don't want the responsibility, as the only responsibility at that point, is to kill a baby!
Who'd want people this stupid-blind in charge of anything, even a honey bucket?!
This entire crew of crooks should be brought-up on RICO statutes, with [racketeering/extortion] being the most appropriate charge! Who isn't absolutely sick-n-tired of the worst man to have ever crossed the White House threshold?!
America should just allow the guy into the country, then take him and his entire Iranian crew into custody, they just disappear, with the message: Until those political hostages imprisoned there in Iran are released, these bums are going to stay hidden!
There's something out there that's going to dump a load of karma on Reid, he's going down!
Democrats are snakes and for anyone to morally, ethically compare the lowest of the low with republicans is borderline criminal -- okay, now call me racist Democrats are low-life gutter snipes!
Shouldn't the actual number be 0-ZERO, zip, zilch, nada?!
Hypocritical politics at it's worst! This dredging-up of the [torture] claims are misdirection to divert away from all the Obama scandals! Yeah, what happened to the CIA thingy Feinstein was all worked-up about and that too was misdirection! Where's the economic recovery, shouldn't that be a priority, but what do we get, 5+ years of lying liars!! Folks, democrats and independents are shameless prevaricators who are incapable of facing their failures, they only want to point out their political oppositions past, nothing current, just the past, it's all contrived jive!
Obama is a shameless lyin' jive-slinger! What's [he] done for the last 5+ years, but destroy opportunity, healthcare, start up business, defense and security, and more, nothing less for the useless bum!
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