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You win the prize for the absolute zenith of knee-jerk stupidity!
Not so sure Obama's a Taliban collaborator, but I'm all in on his being gone, NOW!!!
Why not murderous black on white racism? And rest assured the louse will plead innocent, somehow blaming a past of imposed slavery and the tamping down of his right of expression, he was only practicing his ice sculpture techniques on a human!
If you think the Obama administration is up to their neck in scandal, just wait for the Hillary Clinton administration!
Obama's limited success can be attributed to his having the media in his pocket, as an honest, curious media would have nipped his 2007/08 candidacy in the bud early on and America could have been spared the results of his incompetency!
Lerner should come clean, establish some immunity and tell the truth, because if implicating e-mails appear that indicate she and the White House conspired to harass conservative groups and lied about it, she's going to jail and Obama resigns!
If we have to act like Nazi's, in the ruthless sense to be safe, then so be it!
I'd put nothing past Ayers and I'd recommend Kelly keep her head on a swivel whenever she's out in public, be cautious... I still can't get past the "Superbowl" dinner Ayers put up for bid and Andrew Breitbart, Tucker Carlson and one other diner showed-up at Ayers Chicago home to watch the Super Bowl and dine. And a few weeks, short months later, Breitbart was dead!
Debbie Schmutz comes across to me as "Pelosi" nuts, isn't that what democrats want?!
The real war that needs to be waged, is the war on Obama!
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