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The left's penchant for supporting Islam, at least not condemning it, is the knee-jerk opposition to [anything] conservatives/republicans desire and advocate! The actual examination of cause and effect, the consequences of not addressing howling Islamic barbarism is the last thing on the minds of those who'll be the first to be incinerated alive!
If democrats consider "faith" a rallying point for republicans/conservatives, you can bet they'll work hard to vanquish that faith to contentious oblivion!
Republicans have nothing to lose, as they're considered racist no matter what they do! Do not give Obama what he wants, NOTHING!
Without the media's howling left-wing bias, America could have skipped the Clinton years, most certainly the Obama years and we could have been experiencing unprecedented prosperity! I would also include the ability to get things done in congress if the media could tell the truth about how harmful democrats are to American freedom! I implore you to think of the harm Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done with literally no media acknowledgement! Think how much [real] progress that could have happened without their intrusion! Vote republican, please!
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists seem to be Islamic, despite what Baraka Obeelzebub would have us believe, that miserable jackwagon!
Obeelzebub is using the power of suggestion, hoping the Barbarians sneak out of town, prior to the date certain!
This false narrative wouldn't be heard, if not for a compliant, sycophantic media! The narrative can go one of two ways: Democrats fault/Republicans fault. While who controls the media, controls the outcome and democrats control the lie!
As it turns out, my BS detector was flashing red, sending out audible indicators that cracked plaster when I saw what was described as that wonderful 2004 speech given by Baraka Obeelzebub! If I could have somehow, magically activated the American electorate's BS detectors, the last six years could have been avoided!
If we knew where the hostages were, nothing was going to happen until Valerie Jarrett, or Susan "Knuckles" Rice got around to giving a rescue mission the "thumbs-up."
Howard, I've never heard Walker howl and you're voicing skepticism about his level of education?
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