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Excuse me, an illegal has a "right" to work in America! That statement, for me would be all I needed to disqualify that woman! She's not entitled to that important job, a job that's been butchered for the last six years!
There is a segment of America's population that could use a reduction in testosterone! I feel the gun play in Chicago is the result of that snow storm blizzard of testosterone swirling around those bullet ridden streets!
To include contentious democrats in the "interview" process would only continue to slow the process of getting to the truth!
Force Obama to install any AG with a "recess appointment" and allow it to expire, or just nominate the Assistant AG!
Obuckethead is "deeply concerned": Swoosh-crack---FOOORE!!!
With everyday that goes by, Obama consolidates my belief he needs to be taken into custody and removed from any vestige of executive authority!
Simply put, Obama's an idiot!
The Barbarians will probably go over, under, around and thru the Saudi barrier, just like Hitler handled the Maginot Line! And Obama the Magnificent will be watching TV!
If something similar were happening to another POTUS, even a democrat, I'd wholeheartedly believe they would express some concern about current events! Obama seems drugged, incoherent, unable to react and brings me to this: That freakin', miserable, incompetent, charlatan fraud, useless, sorry excuse for a President needs to resign, yesterday! Our enemies do not fear us!!!
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