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Does Obonehead consider the fact there are folks who're having a tough time dealing with him?!
She didn't know which guitar to grab! I thought this was funny with all the moves and head bobbin', a total parody!
You're going to talk to these Barbarians? Really? Reportedly Bobby Jindal has a refreshing solution for this, extermination!!!
Anyone who voted for Obama or democrats is most certainly dumb!
That woman is an inarticulate dimwit, who should be in her San Francisco mansion peaking thru closed blinds at the mail being delivered!
This revelation alone should get ObamaCare tossed! What's the sense in paying outlandish premiums, deductibles that no one can pay, for something that you can't use? Where's all the money going and what's the benefit to those paying thru the nose?
Blue state America certainly got a raw deal if they're relying on Obuckethead to do something, anything positive for their benefit, beyond providing them a welfare state!
I wonder how Obama ever makes to the latrine on time, as decisiveness is not in the program!
I've got an option for this annoying nurse Ratched, shut-up!!!
If Hillary is elected POTUS, it'd essentially be an Obama 3rd term and that can't happen if America wants freedom/prosperity!
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