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I'll tell-ya what Obama's doing to escape the crises, DRUGS!
If democrats pulled out a 2014 win. Winning back the House, a larger majority in the Senate and a third term for Obama, I wouldn't be surprised, because until voter ID is established and democrat defrauding the vote is stopped, expect the worst!
Obama doesn't do much but stand between teleprompters and tee markers! What's that thing below his lower lip that looks like a roll of Tums?
57% is waaaay too low! If it was at 100% it'd be too low!
No, I won't give up, but I'm sure rootin' for a header down the staircase of the living quarters of the White House!
How deceptively oblivious do you have to be? If not for Michelle Obonehead's husband, her partner in criminality, there would be a vibrant, growing, prosperous economy! All Obama's done is stifle the economy, making it almost impossible for anyone to get a good job! The non-participant rate is as high as it's ever been, Microsoft is laying off 18,000 over the next year or so and just what accounts for that, a thriving Obama economy?! Not a chance!
Press accounts? What press accounts? Does the White House read the Washington Times, NY Post? Next they'll claim, "They was drunk, passed out!"
Imagine trying to explain to Lewis why his idea is nuts?! I'd have to remind him the door is open to leave!
Investment tip: Western Digital stock will be trending positive in the weeks to come! Get some of that stock, sit back and watch the hard drives go poof! They'll all need to be replaced!
I find it hard to understand how this woman can get a sideways glance, as if the last 5+ years of Obama isn't punishment enough and proof positive unrestrained liberalism will destroy America!
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