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Fair, honest elections should be the objective, while any alternative is considered voter suppression and that desire for honesty is overwhelmed by democrat fraud! Vote fraud should be answered with incarceration! I want my honest vote to count!
The reason for Obama's altruism is his desire for votes!
There's only one thing that matters: Braley is a miserable democrat and should not receive one stinkin' vote!
Oh yeah, we should all feel comfortable, a political-operative hack is now in charge of another bureaucracy! This is nuts! America needs to be isolated from anyone who can pass on Obola and that includes isolation from Obuckethead himself!
The clown that resides in the White House should be dragged out of there and dropped down a well!
If I lived in LA and was voting, all that would matter was, who the Republican is, that's it! Every fouled-up policy, the economy, America's security is currently the responsibility of Democrats, with Obama at the absolute center, the focus of the dysfunction, plain n' simple!
I'll wager Obama won't put on his dashiki until after the election, along with his pronouncement of the imposition of "Martial Law..." To be rid of Obama will be a glorious day indeed! I'll celebrate for days, weeks!
Another reason not to vote for Pryor!
Axelrat's attempt at walking back Obonehead's only utterance of truth in his entire tenure as POTUS, is really rich!
This White House denial is all the more reason to put a moratorium on travel to and from West Africa! As with every single thing Obama and his worthless crew have done, this overly casual approach is asking for an outbreak, just wait!
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