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Obuckethead is "deeply concerned": Swoosh-crack---FOOORE!!!
With everyday that goes by, Obama consolidates my belief he needs to be taken into custody and removed from any vestige of executive authority!
Simply put, Obama's an idiot!
The Barbarians will probably go over, under, around and thru the Saudi barrier, just like Hitler handled the Maginot Line! And Obama the Magnificent will be watching TV!
If something similar were happening to another POTUS, even a democrat, I'd wholeheartedly believe they would express some concern about current events! Obama seems drugged, incoherent, unable to react and brings me to this: That freakin', miserable, incompetent, charlatan fraud, useless, sorry excuse for a President needs to resign, yesterday! Our enemies do not fear us!!!
"Low oil" will be a fleeting benefit, with all due effort to turn affordability on a dime! Sen. Bob Corker, a republican, who wants to rise gas taxes is his reward for that long awaited affordability and with an ill advised sound bite, Corker gets comfortable in Obuckethead's hip pocket! The best thing for America would be getting rid of Obama and resurrecting the economy and Keystone is part of that!
Paul Krugman is like the guy who somehow creates a job that involves wearing his undergarments on the out side of his trousers and only sympathy and suspect academic success allow his continuing to be taken seriously!
Despite all this acknowledgement of an inability to get along, the media insists on telling lies as to Obama's success; the continued economic recovery, blockbuster employment numbers, while there's more people [out] of the workforce in decades, foreign policy is in shambles, terrorism on the march everywhere and that's the real truth! The reason Obonehead is reluctant to negotiation, is he's woefully inept, not having the knowledge to compete with a Paul Ryan on the economy, or any republican on foreign policy/military matters! Obama's inadequate and he knows it, he'd be embarrassed in direct negotiations!
Don't they indict, try, convict and incarcerate con-men and doesn't Obama fit into that category?!
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