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David Mamet’s The Anarchist: The New Left’s Terrible Triumph

rosalyn3 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 11:34 AM
By ridiculing tradition, religion, moral restraint, even decent manners, the left has nearly destroyed the character of the American dream. Coupled with the brainwashing done in our schools, they are turning America into a nation of victims.

In New York Friday to appear on Sean Hannity’s program, I stayed an extra day to catch an early performance of David Mamet's new play The Anarchist, now in its second week of previews. Sitting next to Marcello, a Brazilian venture capitalist, we chatted about the election just past.

"I do not understand you Americans. Dogs on car roofs? Really?"

I can't argue that our process isn't absurd or that our media isn't mired in the trivial. The day before I had interviewed Israel's Ambassador to the United States, historian Michael Oren, and had passed a pro-Israel demonstration in...