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Dave Says That's a lot for a Wedding

rosalyn3 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 11:17 AM
Good advice on the trip to a wedding in Mexico. I just get irritated at the folks who plan these weddings in exotic places. If they get mad at family that don't attend, shame on them. They selfishly planned a wedding that costs attendees to just show up. I think the soon to be wed couple should have the money to pay for the guest if they plan a wedding in a distant place or be very content with a small gathering. How important to them is the symbolism of standing before family and friends and pledging their vows?

Dear Dave,

I recently got engaged. Is it okay for us to go ahead and combine finances and start working on a budget before we get married?


Dear Adam,

No, it is not okay to combine finances with anyone to whom you’re not married. And by “okay,” I mean wise. I’m happy that you’ve found love, but all kinds of things can happen before the rings are slipped onto your fingers.

I’m not wishing bad things on you, but what if you spend time paying off her debt, or vice versa, and then the relationship doesn’t work out? Bringing...