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Obama Remembers Pearl Harbor By Promoting Picture of Himself

roosonhead Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:22 PM
An appeal to hearsay doesn't bolster your argument. As far as anyone knows your friend could be the plumber or lawn care crew; besides you only said you know someone and you hope that we'll just assume that means you know what your talking about. That's called an appeal to authority, which is a weak and misleading way to bolster an argument. Your next bolster attempt was an appeal to your own experience. Unfortunately your "experience" was filtered through the media. So you've seen what others want you to see. Not a strong bolster either. Finally, what does his voting record have to do with this conversation? I am not going fill in the logic steps of your argument for you, you'll have to show your work.

Just this week President Obama celebrated Rosa Parks by publishing a photo of himself on a bus and now the White House can't even commemorate Pearl Harbor without bringing Obama's face into the picture. From the White House Twitter feed:


Because it's all about him.