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The Senate Progressives will never cave on the ACA. It is part of their social democracy agenda. Giving up the ACA would be contrary to their core beliefs and principles. Ted Cruz was not trying to convince the Progressive to give up Obamacare, rather he was trying to wake the GOP up and rally them to fight against social democracy. The problem is that our leaders want only one thing: power. The Ted Cruz filibuster proved only one thing to me. That the GOP no longer has ideals. Like the empty pews in American churches evidence a loss of faith in God generally, the lack of voices of our Senators in support of Cruz's fight against social democracy evidence a loss of faith in the American conservative political model. We are simply being lead at the highest ranks by non-believers. This to me is what Cruz was filibustering. He was shouting down the progressive agenda and shouting down the faithless leaders of his own party.
Modern Progressives are a throwback to the first Social Democrats in american politics. They call themselves "Progressives" because they are trying to progressively and gradually move the country closure to a socialist welfare state. That is their reason to exist. Yet, we as conservatives and libertarians act as though they have some other purpose and we are shocked, Shocked! that they act the way they do. Progressives aren't crazy. They are dedicated, committed, and motivated to achieve their cause. Thinking that they are merely crazy only lessens the reality we face and lulls us into inaction. Of course they want a less educated electorate, it favors their agenda. The less educated society generally the more society will want and need a welfare state. Why do we act like this is some sort of revelation. We don't need figures, conspiracy theories, and shocked, breathless radio hosts. We need an honest debate on how various levels of welfare stateism will affect our country and why the American model is superior to the European welfare model. All of the name calling and distractions do not help us educate people on the core fundamentals. We need to get clear and focused in our message that the welfare state that Progressives are actively trying to create is destructive and damning. If we don't believe that it is destructive and damning, then we really just need to get out of the way because we have no reason to exist.
An appeal to hearsay doesn't bolster your argument. As far as anyone knows your friend could be the plumber or lawn care crew; besides you only said you know someone and you hope that we'll just assume that means you know what your talking about. That's called an appeal to authority, which is a weak and misleading way to bolster an argument. Your next bolster attempt was an appeal to your own experience. Unfortunately your "experience" was filtered through the media. So you've seen what others want you to see. Not a strong bolster either. Finally, what does his voting record have to do with this conversation? I am not going fill in the logic steps of your argument for you, you'll have to show your work.
Almost forgot, case in point" "resinhead."
How do you know that he was not genuinely humble and honorable at the event? Truthfully, you don't. You weren't there to watch him, you didn't speak to him about the event or about his feelings concerning Pearl Harbor. Basically, you are just making an assumption that he's a horrible person simply because you disagree with him politically. When we fail to see our opponents as human, we lose the ability to debate successfully and fall into the trap of character attacks, which rational people just ignore.
Oh noes, the President of the United States keeps putting pictures of himself in his media releases that relate to the days events. It like he was elected and thinks its part of his duties to represent the country at these events or something. I for one am just appalled at the utter shameless attempts by this administration showing the President doing his JOB as figurehead of the country. This outrageous behavior must stop.
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Detroit Asks For Another Bailout

roosonhead Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 2:30 PM
What would happen if we let Detroit fail?
No, it's not. It's no arrogant to say through a photo: "I could not have been president if you hadn't sat here." It's actually the opposite of what you think, it's humility and honor. I hate his politics as much as anyone, but don't fall into the trap of hating him so much that you choke on the good when it comes up from time to time.
Not offended by this. It's at worst a photo-opt. I'm not seeing the whole, "I'm Rosa Parks" angle that some of you are. I have pictures of me in Philly in the room where the continental congress met. If I show them to people on the Fourth of July does that somehow mean that I think I'm John Adams or am trying to co-opt his legacy. Nope. Just would mean I was there and honored them. I actually like this picture, Obama owes Rosa Parks and all like her for the very opportunity he had to become President. They changed the mind of America which opened tangible doors in his life. It's a powerful and symbolic photo.
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What's Wrong with Public Nudity?

roosonhead Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 2:24 PM
"...because it has been the most dynamic religion of the last one hundred years..." Scientologists, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons are going to be mad. Expect visits to your doorstep looking to convert. lol
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